How To Send your Love Through Acupressure

The healing power of touch is in our hands. When you are close with someone, and you would like to share your caring heart with them, you can do that through your touch. Your compassion, respect, and love are more powerful than any massage techniques you can learn. It is easy to give an acupressure massage to your loved ones, spouse, parents, children and friends, because it is simply another way to express your love for them. Your love will flow through your hands in a unique way that only you can give to your loved one, and that is why it is important to share acupressure massage with the special people in our lives.

Step 1: Knead Shoulders

The first step is to knead your loved one's shoulders. Begin by noticing what the shoulders feel like. Does the tissue move easily? Are there bumps or knots underneath the surface? Does it feel like you could press deeply, or would it be better to press lightly? Set your intention for the session.

A quick and easy way to set your intention is to say: I set my intention for the highest good.

Step 2: Hold Small Intestine 11 Heavenly Ancestor

Hold acupressure point Small Intestine 11. The translation is called Heavenly Ancestor. Hold for 1 to 2 minutes with steady pressure. It is located in the middle of the scapula. SI 11 helps physically with shoulder and arm pain. Spiritually, it connects us to the clear wisdom of our lives, and it reduces frustration and confusion.

Step 3: Hold Gall Bladder 21 Shoulder Well

Hold Gall Bladder 21, Shoulder Well. It is located 3 fingers-width from the neck on top of the shoulder muscle. This acupressure point is not to be used during pregnancy. GB 21 helps relieve shoulder tension and a stiff neck, and it relieves uptightness and brings more ease to life.

Step 4: Hold Bladder 10 Heavenly Pillar

This is at the top of the neck, one finger-width from the midline, below the skull. B 10 helps ease insomnia, when there are too many thoughts happening. It also relieves stiff neck and headaches, and helps ease depression, anxiety, and codependency. It can also help ease excess fear and build trust with others.

Step 5: Balancing – Hold GV 24.5 and GV 16

This step accomplishes final balancing. End your acupressure massage holding two acupressure points: Governing Vessel 16, located in the hollow at the base of the skull and Governing Vessel 24.5, located at the third eye point in between the eyebrows. Holding these acupressure points together helps clear the mind and helps your loved one increase their abilities to believe in themselves and speak their truth confidently to the world.