About Us


Basmati’s mission is to use the power of technology to help every human being live a healthier life by:

*sharing ancient and modern wisdom,

*connecting readers with practitioners,

*and curating eco-friendly products.



Basmati was founded by a team of explorers who see value in linking everyone inspired to improve their health and environment. We believe that there are many ways to live and our intention is to help those who want it develop the path that works for them.* We love hearing from you, so reach out anytime with questions, comments, or ways that we can better serve you!



Basmati means 'full of aroma' in Sanskrit. Basmati has been a symbol of community and quality since its first cultivation in the foothills of the Himalayas around 2,000 BCE. Just like the special cultivation dedicated to ​​basmati rice, we carefully curate our community here at Basmati.com.

Basmati: Distinct. Cultivated. You.