#Wellness Wednesday- Yoga For Life: Week 107


Wellness Wednesday Week 107: Crocodile Pose


Great beginning backbend.

Opens chest.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Start lying on stomach, bring hands up in fist position and put them underneath chin.

Chin is inline with ground, not bent upwards or downwards.

There is a natural curve in neck, not craning one way or another.

Shoulders are pushing back and down.

Chest is pressing forward to help deepen backbend.

Back is curving but not arching, pose is meant to be a light backbend.

Tummy is engaged to help lift upper body off of ground.

Legs are straight and engaged.

Feet are pointed straight back.

Common Problems:

Neck is too curved, it’s craning upwards.

Shoulders are up by ears instead of down on back.


Blanket can be placed underneath any part of body that is uncomfortable to be on ground.

Block can be placed between legs to help with engagement.