The Power Of Self-Talk: A New Perspective On Mental Health

My intent today is to leave you with an idea, a thought, and a seed of possibility.  After all, it is through thought first that any physical form can manifest within our earth experience. So as a collective it is important that we begin to look at our thoughts with much more awareness of the ripples they create.

First, let’s look at the Native American Medicine Wheel as an example. There are four quadrants, one each representing Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions. The center of the medicine wheel is the heart.  The heart is able to be the driving impulse if the other four quadrants are in equal importance and balance. The heart is the place of inner stillness; this is your connection to Source energy that allows you to fulfill your greatest destiny in this life. The Native Americans call this path the Red Road, the way of the heart. It is the path to enlightenment that all ancient traditions speak of in their own terms.

However, there seems to be a need for a map that is digestible to the present day human being. In the West, we are over polarized into the Mind quadrant of the medicine wheel. Any over polarization will not allow you 100% clarity of perception of the present moment. The present moment, the center of the medicine wheel, will be filtered and distorted by the quadrants that are out of balance. It is like looking through a glass window that has not been cleaned in years. What you see will be distorted from its actual truth. In the West, we have (as a collective) put so much energy into the Mind Quadrant through Higher Education and a drive toward “success” that we have built a skyscraper without a foundation. The foundation is building a life from the center of the medicine wheel. It is balanced and therefore stable. Let me guarantee you that this stability and alignment is your birthright and also your journey to discover.

In western society, there is an endless mental health conditions list as a natural repercussion of a collective over polarization into this mind Quadrant. So as much as the earth and its people are evolving, so is the list of mental conditions. I heard this week that it is now a mental condition for children to not want to go to school. The pharmaceutical companies are medicating this, and instead of getting closer to the center of our medicine wheel within we are only placing more mental barriers to sort through.

I want to introduce you to the idea that we not only have a physical body, but we also have an astral/etheric body, an emotional body, and a mental body that are all intricately connected to the physical body which is our lens to experiencing life on earth. The physical mind energy body is the membrane that keeps us in the self-imposed prison of our individual mind and it is the doorway into connecting our human existence with the high mind of our Higher Self.  These bodies must be in balance with one another to create harmony in this world. What I want to relay to you is the power and influence your mind has on the reality that you, yes YOU, are creating.

So what I propose to you is that the struggle you experience in your mind is a collective self-imposed imprisonment of thought. We live in a world that perpetuates the thought that you are an individual separate from your neighbor and your environment.  This is backwards. I guarantee you that your external environment responds to your internal landscape.  This internal landscape is the only thing that you truly are in charge of molding.  So imagine if you are creating your environment and throughout the day your internal landscape is telling you that you are not enough.

This is a collective theme—that you are not enough, that there is not enough. This mindset is projected into the collective and we see the western environment responding to the masses by reflecting that there is not enough resources, health, money, and happiness to go around for everyone so we need to forcefully take it for ourselves. This is a trap. This is a labyrinth leading you nowhere but to the pretzel of your own mind. We actively compare ourselves to our neighbors and those that have more or less than us as a way of judging, accepting, or condemning who we are as beings. This perpetuates a separation, a division. Let me tell you, my loves, that you are indeed an intricate part of the entire fabric on earth. You are valid by just existing and there is more than enough for everyone to be in health and abundance.

So how do we break through this barrier of individual and collective scarcity that exists within our experience and locks us into the never-ending cycle of I am not enough exactly how I am?

The first step is to begin to take real responsibility for what is going on in your internal landscape. No one is here to save you. This internal world is yours to learn from. This is a gift. It is not a punishment. It is a gift. See the reframe? Already that little reframe puts the power back into your center and aligns your thought with ascension qualities.

You must be a master of your own thoughts. You must take each and every moment as a serious matter when it comes to what you are projecting to yourself and the world around you. It takes hard work and diligence. In the West, we are willing to put the hard work outside of ourselves, but we need to take to heart the prophecy of the eagle and the condor. This is the marriage of the heart and the mind. We must be willing to put that work within and mold the true masterpiece of our life. The outside world will orientate around our inner alignment. So I invite you, dear Ones, to enter the center of your inner medicine wheel and be efficient with your energy usage. Putting your energy outside of yourself will only leave you worn out and tired. This is perpetuating the belief that there is not enough. Go to the center. Go to the well. It overflows and is ready to be drunk by you.

Get excited. This is exciting. You are so powerful, so loved, so supported by the conscious Gaia that we live on. She wants you to awaken into the Creator you were born to be. You are enough exactly how you are. You are the only unique expression of you that has ever existed. You are love and you are loved.

You can do this. You are ready.