Claim Your Power With The Third Chakra

Welcome to part three of the seven part chakra series. Today we celebrate the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra. This is a power house of an energy center.  When this chakra is spinning harmoniously there is no stopping what you are capable of doing, nor is there a limit to the energy available to do it with. When it is off though, boy can the ego run amuck. You know self-doubt and boisterousness are two sides of the same coin, right? They are both ego: polarity expression of the same essence. A balanced third chakra will flow effortlessly in purposeful action, not above or below it but directly in the middle.

The Solar Plexus Chakra’s energy is mirrored in the energy of our great central sun. Both have the capacity to bring seeds to life and to brighten the mood of millions of people or damper it. The sun has the power to produce energy that can be used to heat homes and turn on lights. When it is hidden it has the power to stunt growth, to take life, to make us search for alternative means of energy and inspiration. Just like the sun, the solar plexus has the power to create chaos or beautiful physical manifestations, depending on our relationship to our power.


Why Do We Love The Third Chakra?

The third chakra really lets us know how we feel about ourselves and energy does not lie. You can use your imagination to hold a desired frequency for a period of time but unless it has been authentically achieved you will not be able to maintain it. The Universe will undoubtedly mirror to you this imbalance making you feel like you are swimming upstream to manifest your dreams.

The third chakra is the place where we express our personal power into the external world. It shows us our beliefs and emotions in relationship to our own power.

If we don’t love ourselves or at least fully accept ourselves exactly how we are then we will give either a push or pull energy from our third chakra. If our energy is pulling then we will make our personality smaller than what our truth is. We will shrink away from participating in the moment and contributing our ideas. This energetic shrinking holds the fundamental belief that we are not worthy or good enough. This is not more humble than its counterpart, the boisterous ego manic. Be cautious here about judging the ego maniacs of the world; often this is a sign you are polarized into the self-deprecating side and it is smothered with the false belief that it means you are humble.  The other extreme of an imbalanced third chakra is that need to overexert your opinion and control in situations, the push—this deep desire to not be seen as weak but not fully believing it yourself so you overcompensate.

The third chakra governs your success in business, relationships, intuition, and healing. My primary intent of all my healing sessions is to restore personal power. If you are not in right relationship to your own power then there will always be a level of confusion around discernment as you navigate your existence through the primary quadrants of life: career, love, finance, and health.


Where Is The Third Chakra Located?

The third chakra is in your solar plexus, your diaphragm. It is where the two sides of the ribs come together and make a peak in your abdomen. There is a radiating energy center right there. Just like every other chakra, it has a vortex spinning in front of your body and behind it. It is no surprise that your diaphragm has everything to do with your breathing. Through your third chakra you have the capacity to breathe in your spirit, to call forward this force of energy to create your life with. When we are afraid, we hold our breath. When we have trauma, we hold our breath. These experiences rob us of our power. They dilute our power center.


Signs Of An Imbalanced Third Chakra

The third chakra has to do with our ego and personality. If you are afraid of looking foolish, this chakra needs a closer look. If you haven’t been through extreme challenges and made it to the other side, then you might be one of those that are overcompensating for your fear of being seen. Making it to the other side is a felt experience, not a mental one, though the mind will follow suit. Be cautious; the mind can keep you in a perpetual loop of non-surrender. Telltale signs of an imbalance:

  • fear of rejection
  • unresolved childhood trauma
  • fear of being seen
  • oversensitivity to criticism
  • lack of self-esteem
  • self-doubt
  • inertia
  • critical of others/self/world
  • misrepresenting the truth
  • being in relationships for reasons other than love
  • can’t keep a job
  • always wants to be the boss
  • lack of discernment
  • lack of intuition
  • bullying
  • inability to focus
  • anger
  • jealousy


Sign Of A Balanced Third Chakra

There is nothing more gratifying than having this chakra operating at full health. You feel so much passion to  express your dharma in this life. The endless well of energy is available for you to use for your soul’s chosen path. You have the capacity to focus your attention and direct energy and there is no mountain too big, no obstacle too challenging. You are filled with the belief that you can and you will: Two vitally important words of this chakra. Signs your chakra is in harmony:

  • self-esteem
  • self-respect
  • discipline
  • ambition
  • moving into challenges rather than away
  • taking healthy risks
  • steadfastness in character
  • work flows effortlessly
  • generosity with resources
  • lifting others up
  • willingness to apologize
  • no need to prove oneself
  • relaxed
  • spontaneous laughter
  • focused attention
  • empowered circle of friends
  • career opportunities


How To Balance The Third Chakra

There are so many ways to get this energy center toned up and working for you rather than against you, but it does involve breaking out of your comfort zone. Power does not come from staying safe. It comes from meeting challenges and overcoming them. So you need to engage your will and do something different than what you are currently doing. You need to break the inertia.

  • Look at what makes you feel safe and secure and question it. Safety and security doesn’t come from anything in the 3D. It comes from a true connection to Source.
  • Avoid people who want to hold you to your past. Energy is powerful. Thought forms are powerful. Make new friends, join new circles. Allow for space to be seen differently and to see yourself differently.
  • Get organized. So much is lost when our energy is diluted by messes in our life both figuratively and metaphorically. The third chakra wants efficient use of power so get cleaning.
  • Ground yourself. This is back to Chakra 101. The root. It all stacks from there.
  • Learn something new. Learning actually increases confidence and power. Learning how to learn can be applied to your soul’s evolutionary journey of letting go of the past and reaching for something beyond what feels available right now.
  • Self-care. If we are under stress and duress it all falls apart. I believe all illness can find a root in stress. Simplify your life and take loving care of yourself by taking walks, baths, having conversations with friends and LAUGHING.