The Heart Chakra: The Balancing Point

Drum roll, please. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. This, my friends, is the 4th chakra, the heart chakra.

We have journeyed through the lower three chakra centers which build your ego, your sense of identity in the world, your sense of knowing that there is a place for you and that you can take the steering wheel of your life. Those lower chakras help you claim your power, and it’s pivotal for each human being to claim their sovereign power but we are complex beings and our journey doesn’t end with claiming our power. We need to keep evolving so we move to the heart.

All of the sacred, ancient texts speak of the heart as the doorway into fulfillment.  The Medicine Wheel puts the heart at the center. Once the mind, body, spirit, and emotions are in balance, only then you may enter. There are some who have had an awakening of the heart first, then the rest of the four quadrants fell into place. It can work this way too.

The energy of the heart is the most powerful of all energies and it is what keeps this Universe interconnected.  It is the true healer.  The heart leads you to a  connection to something greater than yourself, greater than your individual dramas, but only if you have built the lower three chakras up can you truly transcend them.

The heart when uncluttered is your God-given GPS system to lead you through this labyrinth of life on earth. It’s your emotional intelligence that cannot lead you astray. 


All Are Welcome Here

The Earth plays a very special role in our reality. Let me entertain you for a moment with the idea that the Earth was created as the heartbeat of the Universe. Pachamama in Quechuan translates into Mother of the Universe. In English, we call our planet Mother Earth for good reason. Mother is an archetypical energy that portrays unconditional love. It is our connection to divine love. The Earth is that for all of the Universe. She pulsates a heartbeat frequency that beckons you from all reaches of the Universe to experience her great consciousness. 

The purpose of this great majestic conscious being is for all you to find the polarity within your experience and to move beyond it, into the center point of your heart. That is the reason we are in male or female bodies, to experience love. That is why we have children, to experience love. We must experience it outside of ourselves before we can realize it all comes from within. Love is our true essence and as we anchor this frequency in then our entire epoch of the earth can begin to shift. This is a cosmic understanding of the importance of the heart space and its rippling effects into the future of humanity. All must enter through this portal and all are welcome here.


Where Is The Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is located right in the middle of the sternum, between the two lungs. It is the balancing point of the three lower chakras and the upper chakras.  It is all about balance: balancing the material with spirit, the masculine and the feminine, the lower chakras with the upper. The heart is at the center of your arm span so it is the essence from what you serve your life with. The legs are created to serve yourself, to get you from point A to point B, but the hands and arms, they are extensions of the heart and they are to serve others. The service of others is our greatest joy. This is the dharma, the sacred service, of the heart.

The heart receives from your back and gives through the front of the body. In perfect harmony they move in unison, allowing energy to freely receive and freely give uninterrupted. This is available for all to experience. It is your destiny. 

If your shoulders slump forward, there is protection happening around your heart. You are protecting yourself from a world that has hurt this sensitive place. To harden behind the heart means that you are also protecting from receiving heart energy. There has been a polarization to your independence and you stopped allowing energy to flow through you and you have committed to “grinning and bearing” your life. It's survival. Everyone has done it. We are all working through it. You are not alone.


Signs The Heart Chakra Is Out Of Balance

When the heart has been hurt it is a spiritual emergency. All of creation depends on the blossoming of this space. When your heart is hurting you inadvertently separate yourself from others, from the planet, and from Source Energy itself. This is a tragedy.

Fear is the root of restricting this sacred flow. Fear can be embodied not from actual facts but from your mind adopting a “possibility” of what could be that actually isn’t happening. There is proof now that the mind cannot separate what it watches on the television from what it experiences in this reality. Your body responds as if it is all happening. Be mindful of what you ingest physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Other telltale signs of a heart imbalance:

  • shoulders rolled forward
  • self-doubt
  • jealousy
  • protecting emotionally
  • loneliness
  • commitment issues
  • addictions
  • escaping reality
  • over need for approval
  • fear
  • need for admiration
  • repetitive actions, thoughts, feelings
  • shallow breathing
  • selfish behaviors


Balancing Your Heart Chakra

Love and approval are basic needs. It is important this early childhood need is fulfilled so that you are not constantly sourcing from a place of lack. The heart is all about being fulfilled. Once you are fulfilled there is little left to want other than to be of service to the whole. Here are some ways to move your heart back into balance:

  • Diet. Keep that Candida in check. Eat your proteins and veggies. You know what to do here and there is endless information out there. Just do it.
  • Keep a journal for your emotional journey. Emotions are energy in motion. They can be intense but they still need to move: find an outlet, write them down. Move them.
  • Dance. Let go as if no one is watching.
  • Make a commitment to yourself and follow through. Make your word mean gold to yourself.
  • Let go and let God. 
  • Stop worrying. It’s an addiction.
  • Deep breathing exercises.
  • Serve at a soup kitchen.
  • Offer free dog walking to the sick and injured.
  • Hold a baby.
  • Do yoga poses.
  • Cook food you love.
  • Wear the clothes you love.
  • Talk therapy.
  • Practice gratitude daily.
  • Tell others what you appreciate about them.
  • Rose everything: essential oils, bouquets, baths, etc…You name it, the rose has the frequency that opens the heart. It is not by chance they are what lovers give on Valentine's Day.


The heart is an endless well of emotional power. When we grow into having mastery over our emotions we can direct this flow into the upliftment of our environment, ourselves, and those around us. Walk the path and memories will come of what is possible to do with this sacred power. It is this internal world of our emotional response to a thought, ideas, attitudes, and inspiration that creates the quality of our life. You have power over this domain. Let your heart be watered with your loving thought and over time it will blossom into a fuller rose.