Juliette Woods

Juliette Woods


Juliette is a west coast gal with a life-long affinity for nature, it's creatures and the mystical stories passed to her from the women in her family.

As a child and teen, she experienced visions and premonitions that awoke her personal awareness to the realm of Spirit.  Now she is a mother to three beautiful children, a multi media artist and a dancer - able to weave the sacred into these aspects of daily life. Her call to the shamanic path was recognized after a combination of traditional factors, with the most symbolic element being receiving many poisonous spider bites from three kinds of spider: Black Widow, Brown Recluse and Hobo. In the case of the Black Widows her body was completely covered in bites, yet through these situations, she did not suffer lasting deleterious affects. Ultimately these experiences lead her to a formal shamanic training and lifestyle.

A many years long personal life crisis necessitated that each piece of healing, wisdom and training she received be integrated and lived deeply. Juliette has a deep understanding of how important it is to heal and maintain one's spiritual, energetic, and physical aspects to overcome adversity, to turn hardships into medicine and move from survival to soul-filled.

Juliette was also introduced to the healing power of Reiki as a teen during a period of debilitating illness. After her first session with 8 practitioners, her physical recovery was so immediate that even a non believing witness became an advocate for this 'alternative' modality.

Years later, with a desire to share this healing she had received, Juliette began practicing Reiki in 2004 and opened a private healing practice.

It was because of her experience working with energy that Juliette was offered a job as a Brainwave Technologist in 2007 at Finlandia Natural Pharmacy's Brain Health Clinic. This holistic brain balancing technique utilized EEG equipment, neural technology, intimate knowledge of healthy brainwave electrical patterns, visualizations and energetic care for clients seeking relief from 'trauma imprints' in brain function. These clients needed a grounding presence and a room clear from the residual affects of people healing through past traumatic events. Previous technicians had been absorbing this residual energy which then manifested in physical ailments.  Naturally her new knowledge of brainwave patterns and the healing power of restoring this balance came over into her private practice and vice versa, clients at the Brain Health Clinic also sought shamanic healing to complete their holistic recovery. Eventually she discovered that EEG technology was not the only way to restore healthy brainwave patterns; with a developed sensitivity to energetic impulses, a deep understanding of brainwave patterns and a form of muscle testing, Juliette is able to encourage positive change without electronic devices.

The Practice


  • Juliette began her private Reiki healing practice, The Reiki Connection, on Commercial Drive in Vancouver BC during 2007. Soon after, she became a neurofeedback technician and began to bring her knowledge of the brain and how it is affected by trauma, into her healing practice. It was during this time Juliette was commissioned to write health & wellness articles for Finlandia Pharmacy that held spiritual living elements.
  • Juliette's journey into shamanic practice began in 2007 when she asked bean feasa Angela Prider, for insight about the many poisonous spider bites she had received.
  • In 2011 Juliette moved her practice to Squamish BC and began incorporating shamanic healing services into both her neurofeedback and reiki clients' sessions. Juliette's offerings also began to include community ceremonies.
  • By January 2013 Juliette was offering shamanic community gatherings and workshops in both Squamish and North Vancouver. Later that year, regular monthly shamanic journey circles had been established and her practice became known as 3 Fold Balance with a focus on trauma and personal crisis recovery.  
  • Juliette began a small focus group called Shamanic Living in support of a handful of dedicated journey circle attendees in 2015, and she took a Shamanic Teacher course with Sandra Ingerman with emphasis on connecting shamanic skills to people from all faiths and cultural backgrounds.
  • The small focus group evolved into full year long Shamanic Living Immersion program in 2016 and a second year program, Shamanic Medicine Ways was developed.
  • During 2017, a home & studio space on the Upper Sunshine Coast began its journey to becoming a healing retreat. Community supported and carefully cultivated, "The Sanctuary" is a dream being made reality. This space allows Juliette to expand her practice and offer services to my hometown of Powell River.
  • 2018 saw the implementation of greater online supports with workshops and an augmented virtual Shamanic Living Immersion program for long distance members. Oracle Cards and Mini Divination Cards were also birthed and available for purchase.


Basmati.com sits down with Juliette Woods as she shares with us her works as a Shamanic teacher, Seer and Bean Feasa.  She invites us to Return To Reverence.  



5 Questions, Answered from Juliette


Describe yourself in three words:


Wayshower of Remembering


What is the greatest challenge you have overcome/are overcoming?

Learning to navigate an over stimulated society as a highly sensitive creature.
That is what I see when I look to the root of all of the more surface layer challenges. I have come to learn my nature is very much like the ocean tide; flowing in fully and bringing up treasures from the deep unknown, then ebbing back into myself, retreating into that mysterious unknown before returning once again. 

I am always learning more about how “extra sensory” I am, how to preserve that in a good way and to transform it from burden to medicine. Learning how to embrace this sensitivity and still function efficiently without becoming overwhelmed or burned out, that is at the root no matter what form it is presenting me with.


What is unique to you about your work?


I think there are 2 things that set my work apart from what I see around me.
In my teaching programs I aim to support the reclamation of a person’s heritage traditions, ones that resonate with each individual rather than give over a set lineage to follow. My aim is to offer a comprehensive structure with room to tailor and fit into day-to-day living, recover  forgotten cultural practices, and encourage strong “best practices” for safety.
Another aspect is my background in neurofeedback. I draw on my knowledge of brainwave patterns, “trauma imprints”, and how they both manifest as behaviours or nervous system imbalances. This gives me an additional layer of information and ways of working when receiving clients.



How do you guide clients into their own healing/inner freedom?


My intention is to always empower my clients by facilitating their connection to personal practices of direct revelation while cultivating a greater knowing of their own medicine ways and innate wisdoms. When someone comes to me for healing sessions, I generally invite them to also attend regular gatherings or teachings as opportunities for experiential learning and offer them free online supports or discussion groups. High encouragement is given to establish personalized spiritual practices that fit into their lifestyle and are informed by an individual’s own cultural heritage. It is my belief these are key supports for self soul tending.



What tools have you found least/most effective in your work?


The natural world and compassionate listening are strong supportive tools for efficacy in my work. They both create connection, provide a wealth of information, and are soul healing balms.

Least effective - I would say easy access to “too much” information. This ease of such a massive volume of teachings available right now come with the pit fall of not allowing oneself to fully integrate before moving into deeper work. It also provides temptation to seek advanced methods without a proper foundation or with inappropriate timing. If a student’s teacher advices one to wait until they are more suitably ready, a current temptation for many is to find another teacher, or book, or article to tell them anyway. This can create anything from confusion to harmful practices.

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