The Meditative Power of Water

Water is a common symbol for meditation – it is an infinite flow that moves through blockages and opens inner peace and healing. Water enhances the power of relaxation and brings you deeper into the spiritual realm by calming the overactive mind. This encourages an unattached and weightless spirit.

Water and spirituality seem to go hand in hand for soothing the mind, body and soul. I find myself always  gravitating toward a body of water when I experience tough times in life. It helps that I am surrounded by more than one hundred different lakes in Northwest Montana. Personally, I have a great deal of respect for rivers and the spiritual healing they provide. I have questions – I always have questions, but not always do I receive an answer. To find clarity deep in my soul, I choose to find my cleansing through running water. I let the beautiful, colorless, transparent liquid run over my pale bare feet to wash away my “dirtiness.” When I am focused and I start feeling clear headed, I let my feet sink into the pebbles near the shore of the riverbed. I feel different, I feel like my emotions have lifted and I have gained a gift. Consciously, I know that the water is assisting me, so I practice grounding my feet as deep into the essence of the winding river as she will allow me. I receive from the water the gift of an open heart. This open heart is now in the process of healing and becoming pure again.

Over time I have learned that water has a very positive impact on me – it purifies me and provides me the balance I seek. Even when I seek this balance and I am not around water, I can channel the experience during meditation to gain similar effects. I’d like to share this meditation with you, in hopes that the water will bring you balance, too.

To begin, I set myself up in a very comfortable position with my feet in the water and I begin the process of clearing the unnecessary thoughts with my eyes closed. I find deeper meaning in a blank but open mind by starting the meditation with visualizing a beautiful waterfall of white light flowing down over my vessel. It starts to flow down over my crown chakra helping relax my head. The water moves slowly down over my neck and shoulders, pushing my congested shoulder tension down to be released. The liquid covers my arms and moves down the spine of my back relieving pain and anxiety. Knowing that the water will help purify me, I stay focused on loosening any tight areas that went unnoticed. Then I drop deeper into the meditation. The water of white light proceeds through me with no hesitation. At this point I have accepted the purity of nature’s water throughout my entire body and for it to assist my cleansing. The water’s current running inside me is fierce, but it peels away at the unwanted baggage. I start to feel the motion of the water become smooth and calm. I then focus on pushing the polluted water inside me out through my feet that are still grounded and connected to the earth (ideally, if you are near a body of water, your feet remain in the water).

Water is power. Water always follows the path of least resistance, however, its properties can penetrate through stone and change landscape. If we wish to evolve as the best soul we can, we must be like water and travel the path of least resistance.