How to Successfully Cut Back on Sugar

Everyone knows, but doesn’t want to believe, that a diet consisting of too much sugar can eventually lead to all kinds of negative health consequences. It’s hard to tame a sweet tooth when said “sweet tooth” is undoubtedly the biggest tooth in that candy craving mouth of yours. However, it can be done. I promise that cutting back on the sweet stuff, and reaching a healthier you, is possible, which is why I have a few tips for how to do just that.

  1. Fat-Free is a Trap: Watch out for “fat-free” packaged foods. In college, I learned that taking out fat results in unappetizing bites of food. So, what do food companies do? Replace the fat with sugar, of course! Aren’t marketing schemes the worst?
  2. Food Labels: For those of you who can’t get enough of convenient packaged foods, beware; sugar is in everything. Pay attention to ingredient lists because sugar can be disguised under numerous names, i.e., high fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane juice, etc. Also, you should note serving sizes because, if you singlehandedly eat an entire bag of cookies meant for four people, you’ll have to multiply the already shocking amount of sugar listed on the nutrition facts label by four.
  3. Fruits Are Acquaintances: Instead of reaching for a cupcake when the craving hits, take a walk over to the fruit bowl you used to perceive as merely a decoration. The natural sweetness in fruits is a great alternative to processed sugars. However, don’t get too friendly with fruits because, in reality, sugar is still sugar. I’d recommend only making acquaintances with nature’s candy.
  4. Moderation: It’s super cliché, but moderation truly is the key. If you try to quit sugar cold turkey, it’ll probably never work. Plus, once you get accustomed to practicing moderation, sugar will no longer have to be public enemy number one. Allow yourself to have one small treat per day to keep the cravings at bay. Dark chocolate square, anyone?
  5. Get Serious About Soda: Okay, I grew up on soda, and I’ll always have a sweet spot for it in my heart. However, I must admit those seemingly harmless carbonated cans are pretty bad for us health wise. Soda companies manage to pack so, so much sugar in such a small amount of liquid. It’s truly alarming. I’d say opt for fruit juice, instead, but actually don’t. Calorie-packed fruit juice is nearly pure sugar, too. To curb your “need” for sweet beverages, try infusing various fruits into your water.