Essential Oils For Consciousness: Lavender & The Authentic You Beyond Stress

On my left shoulder I have a tattoo of what I call my “herbal medicine chest.” It is an image of several different herbs and plant medicines which I consider to be essential for keeping a healthy body-mind-spirit complex. Beautifully depicted in colorful imagery is comfrey (for physical healing and cell-regeneration), sandalwood (for spiritual centering and mental precision), ayahuasca (for alignment of the multiple body koshas (fields) and connection with Gaia), and lavender (for emotional support—including the evolutionary support of consciousness).

Lavender has always been one of my favorite “go-to” oils for all occasions. It is the oil least likely to cause any sort of negative reaction; in fact, lavender is suited for all types as it helps to soothe and remind one of a natural relaxed state of being. It is safe for skin used neat and it can be used by any age person to calm the nerves and relieve anxiety.

When using lavender essential oil to support consciousness, you could try inhaling it during times of distress or uncertainty. You might also choose to put a few drops into a bath or diffuse it into the air for inhalation. The bottoms of the feet are an excellent location to apply any essential oil for easy uptake delivery. Anywhere you choose to use lavender on the body is fine, as this oil is so mild and is a non-irritant to pretty much 99 percent of users.

Essential oils, when applied to the skin, are immediately found in the bloodstream and therefore cross the blood-brain barrier within moments of application. Due to the fast action essential oils have on the brain, and therefore, the nerves of the body, lavender oil for reducing anxiety is pretty much an essential in every medicine cabinet. This oil helps with any sort of nervous tension, stress, or insomnia, as well as anxiety.

Further benefits to using lavender essential oil (beyond the emotionally calming strength of the oil) are found in the ability one has to live more authentic to who they are—which covers a wide range of benefits. This ability to be more authentic is facilitated with lavender essential oil because it helps you feel freed of the stressors which had previously been holding you back—you feel less overtaken with stress. Once one is freed up of stress, there is really no limit to the health and wellness one can experience in all areas of life, and beyond this, spiritual expansion as well as unending states of renewed bliss all lie within reach of one who has conquered stress.

For such a simple and common flower, lavender oil holds the mightiest of secrets, and that is that a calm and stress-free life is a life free to be anything. So when examining essential oils to use which can support the evolution of consciousness and conscious expression of the self, one need reach no further than lavender oil. Freedom of spirit is, after all, dependent on the ability to understand such a state as well. A body free of stress and anxiety is a free soul just ready to run!

Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

  • Soothes burns
  • Relieves acne and other skin conditions
  • Helps conditions of the head and hair such as lice, dandruff, or hair loss
  • Helps insomnia/sleep issues
  • Eases nausea/stomach discomforts
  • Helps alleviate depression
  • Reduces fear of abandonment
  • Antibacterial
  • Improves brain function
  • Alleviates pain and headaches
  • Protects liver and kidneys
  • Household use as a cleaner/disinfectant
  • Anti-fungal
  • Respiratory support
  • Blood circulation support
  • Antispasmodic