Speak Up! Be You! The Purpose Of The 5th Chakra

We have journeyed through the lowest three chakras of the body: the chakras that give us a sense of standing on solid ground, a sense of personal identity to live our life through. These first three chakras are the foundation on which we stand. There is a rule in writing that you have to know all the rules before you are allowed to break them. The first three chakras are the rules of life. 

We then moved into the heart, the place of refuge and balance. From here we step out of space and time but it requires a balance of the body and mind to enter…a balance of the upper and lower chakras.

Today we move into the fifth chakra. The energy of the fifth chakra is easily overlooked for its contribution to the quality of life. The heart grabs our attention as we struggle to love ourselves and the lower three chakras pull at us, begging for a place in the world.

The throat chakra (5th) is the last frontier of the physical before we move into the faster-vibrating energies of the last two chakras. This center is a powerful indicator of how your other chakras are lining up. You can witness the health of this chakra by the quality of your voice and your ability to connect with the world around you.

The voice is so powerful, it can connect you to millions of people at once or isolate you to the confinement of your insular experience.  The fifth chakra is the doorway.


Essence Of The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra intermingles the soul's heart with the inspiration of the Divine Mind or your Higher Self. They merge together to express the creativity of your individualized experience of God. It essentially creates! Therefore, this center is a creative center. This is reflected in the sacred art of the Native Huichol’s in Mexico; you see the animals and people breathing worlds out of their mouth. Through communication we are all bringing spirit into manifest form.

The throat is the energy center of communication. Communication is key in your ability to connect with the world around you. By design, we are social creatures that receive health and nourishment through our ability to connect with people around us. Our health is also dependent on our ability to connect with the subtle energies of nature since the source of all life flows through it.

Moreover, babies make eye contact as a form of connection before their voice box has developed to use language. This is a healthy means of survival; it is communication and connection. It is the beginning of their entrainment to their environment.


A Healthy Fifth Chakra Allows For Entrainment

In Peru, the Quechau word Ayni means “reciprocity.” It is their culture’s way of keeping a healthy relationship between a person and their environment. It is a form of communication which comes from the Latin word commune which means to have something in common with. The fifth chakra allows you to have something in common, a place of connection with the world around you. This is the epitome of health.

When we do not communicate with our spouse or children then the relationship begins to deteriorate and there is only so much separation a vibratory field can handle before it falls into dis-ease. Same with our sweet Earth. The communication between the humans and her have been severed and she is showing the signs of her dis-ease.

Our health is our ability to entrain, communicate, and be in relationship with our environment. This is the nature of shamanism and what it actually can do to restore the health of the person and the environment. It allows you to step into the sacred dance with the Divine. In Lakota, that word is Taku Wakan Ska Ska, ever sacred energy in motion. Hindus call it Krishna. In any religion, it is our health and freedom.

This, my friends, is the power of the 5th chakra. It is no small task. It is only the health and livelihood of all life and the planet we live on.


Where Is The 5th Chakra?

The 5th chakra is right in the middle of your neck. It is a small bridge in relation to your large torso. So like any bottleneck, the energy can get lodged in the neck when the flow has moved out of a rhythmic balance. Here, the energy spins faster than the lower chakras. Its vibration is more subtle too. As your throat energy is purified then you have the opportunity to perceive more subtle energies in yourself and the environment in which you live—this includes telepathy. Because the chakras work on vibration it also has the capacity to balance other chakras it is in proximity to. Those that embody the perception of subtle layers make great teachers, healers, and conscious participators of life. Healing happens on all levels when the depths feel safe enough to rise to the surface.


How To Identify An Imbalance

Most commonly, our throats cinch off in early childhood based on our parents’ limiting conditioning. We are told when and how to speak. We are told that we are wrong, too loud, too shy…you name it and the throat hides and takes refuge from an “unsafe” world. 

Past life trauma also follows your frequency into this life. Persecution is a big one. We have more freedom of speech now than ever before. So the truth-sayers are free to be noisy but the energy of past life rejections keep them in a self-imposed prison until they release the illusion.


Signs Of Imbalance:

  • sore throats
  • colds/flu
  • neck/shoulder stiffness
  • fear of speaking in crowds
  • fluctuating rhythms in speak (not puberty related)
  • feelings of isolation
  • creatively blocked
  • disempowered feeling
  • doesn’t trust own word
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • lying
  • compulsive eating


How To Bring Balance To The Throat Chakra

I need to reemphasize the importance of all the chakras being in balance. The Sanskrit language calls this center Vishuddha, which means purification. There is an element of the physical that needs to be purified for the voice to stand in its rightful place. It's a great season to cleanse and stabilize the basic necessities of life.


Ways To Balance 5th Chakra:

  • Tone/chant/mantras/sing. They all create a harmonic resonate that brings disharmony back into harmony. Do it daily!
  • Neck rolls/ yoga. Any yoga pose that move energy in the neck and upper back. Stuck fascia is stuck energy—get it moving.
  • Listen to music. Something that feels good and is easy on the ears. It creates a vibratory pattern that harmonizes your cells.
  • Meditate. A clear mind will allow for a clear slate, a necessary component for telepathy.
  • Enter a vow of silence 1 day a week. This releases the chatter and allows the subtle energies to come into the forefront.
  • Wear blue stones or clothes. Color therapy is a real thing; so are the power of stones.
  • Journal. Get your inner world on paper.
  • Make offerings to the earth. This builds the relationship. The throat is about relationship.


Health and wellbeing are a natural state of being when we are ventilated from our mind, body, and emotional contractions. Being able to speak your authentic truth in loving kindness is your birthright and vibrational alignment with the world you live in. Start right where you are today and begin the great journey. There is no greater moment than now and there is no other unique expression just like you. Be YOU!