Meaningful Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! Before we can greet the newfound sunshine with ease, we’ll have to face the facts—it’s time for some good ol’ fashioned spring cleaning. Whether or not putting in some elbow grease is part of your springtime routine, there’s no better time to do deep cleaning. Why? Because spring is all about new life and freshness, of course! Plus, who wants a grungy, dusty home, while allergens are already filling the air?

If the thought of a tidy house isn’t enough to convince you to embrace spring cleaning, maybe the idea of giving back will. This year, donate some of the material items that are cluttering your space to charity! The purpose and process of spring cleaning can have both your best interests and the interests of others in mind, as well; spread the word!



If you’ve been buying (or making!) canned goods like you’re 100% sure that the apocalypse is on the horizon, it’s time to clean out that pantry! You may not appreciate all of those canned foods that are near their expiration dates, but someone who is suffering from food insecurity definitely will. While organizing your nonperishables, consider donating items you don’t plan on using anytime soon to your local food pantry. If you got way too many kitchen tools and appliances during the holidays, re-gift them (it’s an okay thing to do, under these circumstances)! C’mon, do you really need seven can openers? I think not.



Your local homeless shelter will gladly take some towels that are in good condition off your hands. Donate some of the toiletries from your bathroom cabinets, too! If you have an unusually large collection of mini hotel shampoos, conditioners, and soaps, those will be just fine to give away. If you’re a bargain shopper who bought 10 too many shampoo and conditioner duo packs, think about whether or not you absolutely need them all.


Books & Toys

The next step, after teaching your kids about sharing, is to teach them about giving back. If their playroom is messy and full of things that don’t seem to entertain them anymore, talk to them about donating. Holding onto items with great sentimental value is perfectly okay, but the rest can go! Group homes and children’s hospitals will happily accept gently used children’s items, such as books and toys.



Cleaning out your closet is a huge part of spring cleaning. You’d be surprised by how much clothing is sitting in your overstuffed drawers that you haven’t worn in quite some time or doesn’t fit anymore. Figure out what you want to keep, what you can part with, and what has to be thrown out due to stains or irreparable tears. Look into donating at the Goodwill, Salvation Army, Dress for Success, or your local thrift store. By donating clothes, you’ll be helping out those in need and reducing waste by allowing your clothes to be reused.