Aimee Eoff

Aimee Eoff


Aimee Eoff is an Intuitive, Teacher, Writer & Speaker. 

A farmer of compassion, empathy and truth planting soul seeds in the world.

Aimee is an intuition girl. Always has been, always will be. She is very "sensitive" to energy. When she was young, Aimee just knew stuff and she saw energy which was a bit much when she did not know what it was or know how to use it.

In her young adult years, she got to a point of feeling "different", "too sensitive", like she had gone "mad." Mad, she tells you! So of course, the way this amazing universe works, Aimee found the right people at the right time where her soul journey began.

Aimee learned that she was not "mad," she was instead gifted. Wheew. She learned tools to help her use this gift of intuition to see a different perspective, to see life and people as spirit, energy and good 'ol vibes.

She believes in paying it forward, and she is on a mission to do so tenfold, supporting as many people as she can on their soul journey. Aimee is ridiculously interested in your happiness and that you are living a life you love -- one where your physical reality mirrors your heart's desires and soul's truth. She is passionate about teaching and holding a space for each to connect inward, learn to trust their intuition and find their own answers to create a life they love.

She meets with clients one on one, offering spiritual advisory work - communication in the realms of tools and access to your intuition to manage whatever is happening in your life - Intuitive Readings and Coaching, Intuitive Life Mentorship, and The Intuitive Sensual Woman Program. 

She also offers workshops, programs and retreats in person and online teaching discovery and development of intuition using meditation, sacred circling, journaling and soul-full dialog.

Your work together will help you to find that sense of freedom - just as once upon a time, you used to be someone who would buy a plane ticket just for the sake of adventure, not knowing where you would sleep or what route you would take, but trusted and allowed for your excitement and spirit to led. (Or maybe you have dreamed of doing so).

You desire the freedom and joy you felt just when you were little running barefoot in the grass and time seemed to stand still. 

This work brings you from feeling lost, confused or disconnected to joy, deep awareness of self and wellbeing. Remember who you are and let go of the stories you have been told or created, which mask your true self.

This work brings you from being disconnected from your heart - where you are surviving day to day working through the fog - and helps to connect you back to your truth with clarity.

This work shifts you from listening to others for advice and answers to listening to your own voice and trusting it - finding your own answers.

This work brings you from lack of hope or clarity to clear vision of future instilling enthusiasm, trust and joy a long the way. The power of visualization is tremendous. When you visualize your desires you create them.

You can read Aimee's soul perspective articles on Huffington Post, listen to podcast interviews, watch video interviews and attend speaking engagements throughout the year, as well as take online courses at Brave Girl University and at

Also, feel free to check out Soul Happy on Facebook to learn more about Aimee and her amazing work!

Life changing good stuff.