Tara Coyote

Tara Coyote


Tara Coyote owns and operates Wind Horse Sanctuary, a 10-acre ranch in Northern CA where she practices Equine Facilitated Learning with her four horses.  Tara was certified through Linda Kohanov’s organization Eponaquest in 2014. She was trained as a life-coach with an emphasis with combining coaching with Equine Facilitated Learning at Equine Alchemy with Lisa Murrell and Schelli Whitehouse in 2015. She leads workshops, private sessions and ‘Grief Rituals with Horses’ with the focus of self-development and healing.  Wind Horse Sanctuary is a tranquil environment where guests can stay on the property for their own private retreat or for workshops. 


In September 2016, Tara was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. One year previously her closest friend of 19 years died from Leukemia. As she was one of her friend’s main caretakers, she saw the slow decline from diagnosis to death. Due to witnessing her friend’s downturn with an allopathic approach to cancer healing, Tara chose an all-natural path of healing in alignment with her mind, body and soul. Tara is successfully healing the diagnosis at a rapid pace without the conventional method of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and hormones. Through her decision to stand to treat her body as nature intended, she has been public with her journey through her page: www.CancerWarrioress.com and her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cancerwarrioress/


Tara’s passion is to help people tune into their own innate capacity to heal themselves whether it be from a life-threatening diagnosis, physical ailment or self-imposed mental limitations. Tara is currently offering coaching with or without her horses for individuals navigating the cancer journey. She is honored and grateful to have the assistance of her four horses in the process.




Practitioner Interview: Tara Coyote 



Basamati.com sits down with Tara Coyote as she shares with us her cancer healing journey using natural and alternative methods. Tara talks with us about equine facilitated learning, and the power of healing with horses. Tara also talks about promoting healing in the presence of these therapeutic animals through grief rituals.