How To Achieve Total Body Balance

Everything we consume has an effect on our body, whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally. There has been research done that proves stress is one of the causes of cancer and other illnesses.  What we eat, how we eat and even when we eat has an impact on our whole being. 

Total Body Consumption

Consumption goes much deeper than the types of food and drinks we put into our system. What we mentally and emotionally consume plays a much larger role on our overall health than we realize. Consider this: A person who eats healthy foods regularly and gets plenty of exercise is in good physical health. This same person watches horror movies and listens to violent lyrics in music often. The negative influence taken in causes a series of nightmares and restless sleep, which in turn has an impact on their mental and emotional aspects of their daily life.

Our surroundings and environment have a huge impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. What we see, hear, touch, taste and smell affects us. Consuming too much negative in any aspect can result in an imbalance of our overall well-being. To walk outside and see beautiful surroundings provides a positive feeling and emotion but to walk outside and see ugly conditions will give you negative feelings and emotions. For every action there is an opposite or equal reaction; the same goes for our bodies.

Enhance & Eliminate

It is incredible how creating a total body balance can change so much of your life, especially your overall health! You can achieve this balance by making some enhancements and eliminations within your daily life. Some of the changes may seem slightly difficult while others are fairly easy. Just remember: in the end it is all for the better.

I like to consider eliminating and enhancing not only to be on a total body diet but also a total body transition. As every individual’s balance is different from the next it is important to discover what it is you, within yourself, may be lacking or possibly over consuming. This is necessary in order to obtain the perfect balance for you. It is sometimes best to start making a list that will show you where your current balance is allowing space to make any necessary adjustments. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Your Current Diet – take a look at what you are eating and decide how this intake affects you overall. Is there too much of one thing and not enough of another?
  • The Types Of Sensory Input/Intake In Your Daily Life - Is there too much negative? What can you do to change these intakes?
  • Negative & Positive People In Your Life – Sometimes we have to change those we surround ourselves with.
  • Where Stresses Can Be Eliminated – There are times we can't control the stress we have to deal with, but when we can we should eliminate it and bring it down to the lowest levels possible.

The list can go on for days, but now you have a general idea of where to begin.

The more positivity that you include in everything you consume the more positive changes will take place. "In with the good and out with the bad," this mantra can help lead you down the right path to achieving a total body balance. Trying to maintain all aspects of your health becomes easier with time. You can become healthier, happier and mentally stronger, which can ultimately lead to overall well-being. Of course life has its struggles, it is how you handle them that truly matters.