Energy Update August 2016

Find your Center!
The coming month is going to be busy! 

The characteristic of this current energetic occurrence is a deep KARMIC CLEARING as we have already been feeling coming forward. (Read more about Karmic Attachments here)

The purpose of this particular time period is decoupling from the collective wave of conflict, violence and destruction so that we can continue in our inner healing process undisturbed.

For most of us, the intensity level of this ongoing correction phase in this month will trigger UNRESOLVED INNER CHILD and TRAUMA WOUNDS in us (if it hasn't already) and the need to break free from outer and self-imposed restrictions. As this brings up deep trust issues, but also mistrust towards authority and societal rules, a closer look at our inner reactive patterns is needed to deal with these triggers. (Read more about Inner Child aspects here.)  

On a personal level we have all been already experiencing this looming inner pressure since the end of June (Summer Solstice).. Deep feelings of insecurity, rejection and betrayal have reopened a deep inner pain that could easily lead to an emotional rollercoaster.

However, and this is coming with a bit of a warning, remember that everything that unravels within you also happens in our collective! Just look at the depth of pain that has been triggered within you over the past weeks - and you are consciously facing those! How do you think a collective that is mostly unaware of such dynamics will react? For this month in particular, this may lead to swelling conflicts and sudden political/global eruptions in our society.

Whenever our 'inner stuff' is triggered it matters little what triggered it - it's still ours and ultimately our responsibility to deal with and neutralize such inner upheaval. But in context with the masses around us beginning to react to this outer trigger, our inner ability to deal with our deeper fear and pain can matter a lot!

Most people – and the leaders of most organizations, countries, religions, companies, communities or media – are not aware of these inner dynamics. They are hardwired to the inner 1st, 2nd and third Chakra dynamics and thus tend to act out their pain/fear/anger in public.

These very low energy fields can replicate in our collective and understand the danger of unhealed acted out 1st and 2nd Chakra issues. It can lead to severe abuse, betrayal and violence as well as destruction.

It is to be expected that there may be an escalation of already visible cracks in our system. But, this is also a great opportunity of finally releasing the old and finding new resolutions!

All the while these deep structural changes are ahead of us, in all areas of our lives, it also provides perfect conditions for an evolutionary shift - within and outside of us. Therefore, this is nothing to be feared if we are willing to engage in this process. So, how can we engage in this process?

Once we are able to center our energies and to transcend our personal energetic attachments to fear, anger, pain, thinkingness, etc., which we release through the transcendence of our ego, we begin to feel a pull into a larger field. This is the needed attractor that allows our personal heart to connect to the COSMIC HEART and gain guidance as well as inspiration from a larger field than ourselves or our human collective. 
One of the most common misconceptions of CONNECTING WITH THE COSMIC HEART OR DIVINE FIELD is that we think it’s outside of us. Therefore, most of our energies are aligned to ‘seeking’ this connection outside of us and end up in the human unconscious field.

This inner confusion needs to be released through a spontaneous INVERSION in our heart-field, which  can lead to a spontaneous CHANGE in direction and motion of our inner energies and set free new energies that were previously bound to the collective.
The significance of old structures collapsing in context with the deep Karmic Collective Clearing that is going on shows us how our true inner power (including our manifestation abilities) resides in our choice of alignment to our inner universe and not the one outside of us.
While outer energies of course exist and continually influence us, we still have the option to break free from them if they don’t feel beneficial for our personal development. If we can remember to stay in our heart while letting go of our self-centeredness, we can allow our energy to be a part of a greater field.
This is one of the healing energies coming in for us these next couple of weeks. It shows us how to ‘nuke’ our energy field with a blast from our heart field.
Even if you don't feel this ‘shock wave’ yet, be aware that this is one of your innate sacred self-healing abilities! It can protect you and energize you. It stabilizes your personal energetic boundaries and can bring joy and fulfillment into your life even if there is havoc around you!
For most of us who have been working on the conscious and voluntary confrontation with this inner energies collective unraveling does not come as surprise. So, if we can manage to stay decoupled from these waves of confrontation and apply all the tools we've been learning over the past years, our inner guidance will spontaneously steer us into the most beneficial solution for our personal issues - this development can help us to come up with the needed RESOLVE to finally let go of outdated and unhealthy coping strategies!

However, observing this collective drama unfold within our communities, families, work environment and circles of friends can be challenging. Unresolved inner conflicts, energetic ties and karmic binds can pull us straight back into our old coping, defense or distraction behaviors and reignite inner and outer conflicts.

Therefore, most of our 'form' (the way we handle inner and outer changes) and our ability to neutralize outer conflicts affecting our personal energy field will depend on our ability to stay in our hearts, to focus on maintaining our personal boundaries and listening to our inner guidance.

For the next 6 weeks I strongly recommend to continue your inner work especially in regards to releasing old pain and trauma. Karmic Clearings, Energy Clearings and INTEGRATION WORK here at transCODES in ongoing remote sessions, workshops and this month lots of FREE sessions!