Pay Attention: To The Universe, To Yourself

Time is flying! Have you noticed how our perception of time is somewhat weird at the moment? Suddenly, you wake up and it feels like you’ve lost three days or even an entire month? On the other hand there are things in our life that just don’t want to unravel how we would like them to and nothing seems to move forward…. Weird...but no worries, things are moving forward in an extremely fast pace, it’s just that our perception can’t keep up with it!

We are still in a big correction phase and this is not going to end very soon! Sure, revisiting old stuff is never fun, but until the last illusion is healed and clarity regained, we will have to understand every cycle of correction as gaining new experiences and life skills. Just like the virtual reality in a video game!

Energy Update 29th October - 4th November 2016

It feels like walking in circles, regurgitating the same old, but only if we never apply what we learned in the last round. If you look a little more closely, you will see that there are some really big things changing right now… and new clues can be found left and right. Be in the present and pay attention!

You may feel like all the political or global stuff is not for you; that it just pulls people into negativity, fear or polarity – and you are right – but why do you think all this is so hyped up right now? Ask yourself, what is it that you are not seeing? Is there anything you can't see or don’t want to see?

Do you know where your blind spots are?

Underneath all of this collective churning is the frustration of not moving forward. As we can observe, for some people this goes as far as opting for ‘at least something is happening’ all the while tolerating things they would normally never tolerate. Can you see how this is just a distraction mechanism?! Whenever we want things on the outside to change so badly, that we are willing to violate our deeper inner values, something is up… Ego is up. Ego as in our deepest fear and shadow aspects.

It’s the difference between accepting that something within myself has to change – and blindly following someone to fix it for me. Which of the two do you think represents the higher solution?

Granted, there are things we cannot change on our individual level. We need others, we need the collective to stand up and ask for changes. How do you think this is going to happen? Yes, by you making changes on your personal level – changes that represent your personal higher solutions!

But how can you get the CLARITY to know what you can or need to change?

By paying attention to what doesn’t work anymore, and by consequentially weeding it out and letting it go!

This can happen on many levels, for example:

* Stop buying contaminated foods or goods that come from non-integrous companies or that violate nature!

* Don’t allow negatively charged people in your direct environment to drag you down – walk away!

* Break through unhealthy emotional coping patterns (e.g., addictions but also unconscious sabotage or self-defeating negative inner talk).

* Stop mental looping or endless talking about the same things – instead focus on actions that promote positive change in your life!

* Keep yourself informed, but stop buying into fear-promoting or polarizing info (media)!

* Stop pleasing and co-dependent behaviors; keeping up with the Joneses is getting old -- all you are doing with this is further enabling what has proven to not work anymore!

* Listen to and trust in your inner truth detector; who cares about ‘I told you so!’? All the lies and untruth that is coming forward is nothing new. We’ve been knowing this all along! It’s not about who is right and who’s wrong - it’s about the willingness to accept that none of the old ways are working anymore. We’ve hit rock bottom, folks, so now it’s about recovery and taking the necessary steps to initiate healing! If we want change we need to be the change!

* Stop believing that you are powerless. You are only powerless if you lost your True Self somewhere along the lines. Reclaim it! Claim your inner power! As a citizen and human here on this planet right now, your power is your consumption – of media, foods, pharmaceutical, energy and water. You choose, you change! New paradigms will come later. Right now it's about not supporting the old/life draining system anymore.

* Reclaim your true identity by walking away from anything and anybody who is corrupting or violating your true values. Only tolerate life-promoting actions, thoughts, feelings, concepts and people.

* Leave your comfort zone! Yes! How else can you ever reclaim your True Self? Your ego and your shadow are what keep you in your False Self, the root of your inner confusion. Invite them all onto your journey and make peace with who you truly are!

Ignoring problems or conflicts doesn’t change anything, neither does secretly suffering or wearing ourselves out by fighting against it! It creates blind spots and keeps you in your emotional and mental looping. Biased Cognition, or selective perception as we call it in energy work. It’s amazing how much energy ignoring or dissociating can consume!

Can you imagine how much more energy you would have if you didn’t have to cover up, compensate or pretend anymore?

What would you do differently?

We all need to find a way to balance our truth with reality, or else all the work that we have been doing on our journey will just be a nice idea or concept that never manifests. We can’t just sit there and let the collective craziness run over us – we need to learn how to let it run through us – and this can only happen if we allow whatever needs to be healed to be revealed, be it collectively or personally.

Every single time we change something, be it looking at our own enabling, contributing or ignoring of the existing problem – small or big – or disrupting an old pattern. Once we move our perspective into the larger context of things, we can see how any small change based on our higher alignment to truth and light can transmute a little part of our collective programming.

Again, this does not mean that we should go against it either. This is way of the Shadow - the old way. Our shadow is the part of us that we cannot love and reject AND that we misuse to cover up for our perceived short-comings. What needs to happen is for us to allow it to step into the light – honest and sincere – so that we can reclaim our values that were twisted by our shadow coping.

Don’t be frustrated if it feels like a never-ending process! This is what ‘correction’ means, and so all we really need to do is to reframe our personal struggles, and become willing to see every round as ‘removing another layer of clouds’ and upping our skill levels. Every round and every relapse we get better at dealing with our shadow/ignorance/fear/anger/apathy/ego/addiction – and we gain more clarity about what doesn’t work anymore!

Just accept that there is always another level and move on in wonderment about the next challenge! Embrace it!

Pay attention to your inner signals and get up if the bosses beat you – there is always another round – and next time you will beat them!!

Energy Management Tip for this Week:

Head-Colds are going around! How to better heal the coldness of our head with a good clearing of mind and emotions and a warm heart. If your nose is stuffy it means you’ve had enough of whatever it is you have been swallowing. Clear it out! Use tons of (pure) peppermint oil (Japanese) on your tongue, your sinuses and forehead and drink water. If you prefer warm drinks, make teas from Stinging Nettle and Peppermint and allow it all come out, tears and all!

Our 6th and 5th Chakra is under attack! Seeing and Speaking Truth. So, if you want to get more CLARITY, pay attention to what you are ingesting (thought, emotions, pictures, opinions) and refuse to let it in!

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