Organic Home Gardening: 7 Easy Ways to Conserve Water While Gardening

One of the most important things we can try to do is conserve resources. Water is the most valuable and scarce resource. It's important for sustaining both the life in the world, and in your garden. It’s a precious thing you definitely don’t want to waste. Need some ideas on how to keep from wasting water while gardening? Here are seven easy tips that will help better conserve water in your home garden.

Tip 1

Harvest rainwater. Collect rainwater using a drainpipe and store in large rain barrels. Some rain barrels even have waterspouts to make it easier. Use the saved rain whenever you water your garden.

Tip 2

Keep watering time to a minimum. Most plants do not require a large amount of watering time.  By using a timer, you can keep track of the length and amount of time you water your garden.

Tip 3

Water your garden at the right time. Water your garden in the early morning when it is cool. This will prevent water evaporation and help your garden lose less water. Try to avoid watering too much after sundown, because doing so may encourage mildew or fungus.

Tip 4

Water your plants and only your plants. Many times, people will turn on sprinklers to water their plants and end up watering areas that are not a part of the garden or do not even require watering. Watering your plants with a soaking hose or watering can, or using a drip irrigator will help prevent you from watering spots that do not need to be watered.

Tip 5

Compost Adding compost to your soil will condition it and make it healthy. Healthy soil will often use less water than unhealthy soil.

Tip 6

Grow plants that require less water. Plants that are smaller require less water than bigger, larger plants. Native plants also require less water because they are well-adapted to their environment’s normal amount of rain fall. It also helps to plant plants that require equal amounts of water in the same area together.

Tip 7

Remove the weeds from your garden. Weeds and weed-like plants not only absorb all the nutrients of the plants in your garden, but also the water. Keeping weeds out will ensure your plants are actually receiving the water they need.

Conserving a little water can go a long way. Using just one or more of these tips above can help preserve a priceless element.

Keep on the lookout for more tips and ideas on organic home gardening.