5 Big Reasons to Buy Fair Trade Products

When you buy Fair Trade, you are not only supporting a social movement with the objective to help producers in developing countries achieve better trade conditions, but also promoting sustainability. The Fair Trade movement calls for manufacturing done with respect to human rights and environmental integrity. In order to do this, members of this movement take the necessary steps to advocate higher prices to exporters. Fair Trade focuses on the improvement of both social and environmental standards. If you want to know more, here are 5 big reasons to buy Fair Trade products.

Reason 1: Ensure Fair Pay

Many large corporations that are not Fair Trade will often exploit vulnerable workers from developing countries by giving them long hours in unhealthy working conditions, with ridiculously low wages. Licensed Fair Trade companies ensure fair wages to their workers and actively increase the economic opportunities for marginalized producers.

Reason 2: Create Safe Working Conditions

The working conditions for employed personnel by manufacturers within developing countries are often health-hazardous and unsafe. When you choose to purchase Fair Trade products, you are supporting a safe and healthy working environment for production workers from these countries.

Reason 3: Encourage Eco-friendliness

Fair Trade is known for using integrated farm management systems which limits the use of farm chemicals, improves soil fertility, and preserves valuable eco systems. They utilize sustainable and organic methods while minimizing greenhouse gases in order to protect the environment.

Reason 4: Stop Child Labor

Companies who sell non-fair trade products often utilize children to make them. The very toy that you buy your child could have been made by a child around the same age if you bought the toy from a non-fair trade manufacturer. Children from developing countries who work for non-fair trade manufacturers can often work 70 plus hours per week at only a few cents a day. Fair Trade forbids the use of child labor.

Reason 5: Support Women’s Rights

By supporting Fair Trade, you are helping to support women’s rights in developing countries. Fair Trade companies empower women from underdeveloped countries to become business owners as well as earn higher wages in order to take care of their families.

When you purchase certified Fair Trade products you are helping people and the planet. A product that is Fair Trade Certified will usually have a label stating so. There are many Fair Trade products being sold, such as tea, coffee, chocolate, body care, wine, rice, and clothing. You can find Fair Trade products at most local, whole food stores, farmer’s markets, and of course, online.

For a list of licensed partners, visit the Fair Trade USA website. When you buy Fair Trade, you are really making a purchase that matters.