Science and Metaphysics

Metaphysical energies are not thought constructs. They really exist, and are observable and controllable.

The problem is that they are not objectively visible, and also mostly immeasurable. They are visible only in the effects - if certain energies work through us, we adjust our environment accordingly.

Metaphysical and mystical energies are felt - not through our emotions, but through a subtle perception, to which all are capable.

It may sound unusual, but such an energy is, for example, gratitude. We can feel it in us and in others. And we can consciously control it with some practice and reinforcement, if we get our mind to associate gratitude only with certain circumstances.

The response of gratitude has fascinating implications for us and our surrounding environments. It lifts the spirits and allows all people to be grateful. As a result, they are cheerful and generous.

Most people probably understand now why gratitude leads to greater prosperity. Imagine a waiter, who serves food with deep gratitude and ultimately makes more of a tip because of it: the waiter has passed this gratitude to the customers, so their food tasted better, because of the pleasant experience, they are sympathetic to the waiter and probably leave a bigger tip … a very trivial, but often overlooked, example. The effects of gratitude go far beyond the self and apply everywhere - there is still a far more “powerful” energy.

But, to be tasked with proving this empirically can be problematic. Gratitude, nor other types of energies or intentions, are objectively measurable.

If we go into the powerful metaphysical and mystical area of reality, we have no choice but to prove the knowledge we gain through our own experience.

But just because these intentions and energies aren’t objectively measurable, doesn’t mean they lose their inherent value. So continue to transmit kindness and goodwill into the world – it will be noticed whether it’s directly measurable or not.

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