5 Crystals for People Who Are Sensitive To Crystal Energy

I am an incredibly sensitive person and when I started using crystals, my whole life was thrown into a loop. I wasn’t able to sleep, my dreams were crazy, I felt…weird — then I realized that I was using the wrong crystals.

I picked up some crystals at my local rock shop after having a rather pleasant experience with rose quartz. When I sleep with rose quartz under my pillow…everything seems so right. I feel balanced and energized yet calm at the same time. I knew there was something to all this crystals stuff so I decided to go all out. I picked up the basics: amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz. I also grabbed some blue calcite, lepidolite, red jasper and selenite. 

 I noticed right away that some crystals worked well with me and some just made me go nuts. I searched online for “crystals for sensitive people” and only found articles about grounding or protection stones. These results assume “sensitive” means sensitive to energy from other people. What if I wanted to protect myself from the crystal itself?! I decided I’d just have to do some experiments and see which crystals were best for a person like me who gets affected very easily by energy of all sorts, including that of crystals. 

I noticed that the only crystals that are truly “safe” for a sensitive person are quartz crystals, which are usually the type of crystal you find in “starter kits.” If I dared to carry around my blue calcite, I felt ungrounded and loopy for the entire day, and if I carried around my red jasper I felt depressed and low in my emotions. I needed a middle ground. Here are the crystals that gave me a calm, even-keeled, good feeling energy.

1. Rose Quartz

My one and only. How I love rose quartz. If you are skeptical about crystals, pick yourself up a piece of this beautiful light pink stone. It’s a dream to sleep with and gives you a sense of clarity, which quartz is known for. Rose quartz inspires unconditional love towards the self and others. It’s linked to the heart chakra and helps to clear any blockages the user might have in that area. As a member of the quartz family, this stone is extra gentle for those who are sensitive to energies. I never have to worry about having trippy dreams or feeling ungrounded when I’m holding a rose quartz. 

2. Smokey Quartz

Yet another member of the quartz family, smokey quartz is a gentle grounder. Some crystals such as hematite or black tourmaline can feel too heavy when used by someone who is sensitive to crystal energy. Smokey quartz provides protection and grounding in a lighter, more uplifting, way. No feelings of heaviness. Any bad, negative energy the user feels, will be grounded into the earth and expelled instantly. I feel more lighthearted when I carry this beautifully clear, gray stone around. It’s just the right amount of grounding energy for someone like me. 

3. Opalite

Opalite is a man-made stone, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful. It is known to aid the user in transitions and to give strength during difficult times. It is also a very “high vibrational” stone, which makes it perfect for sensitive people who can’t handle heavier energies. Not only is opalite extra gentle, but it is incredibly beautiful; it’s like looking into a rainbow. The look of the stone alone will be enough to convince you to pick one up.  

4. Citrine Tips

Notice how I said citrine “tips”? You can find citrine in a tip or a cluster. In my experience, the cluster will contain a more concentrated energy than the tips. I wish I had a more scientific way to measure this energy, but I can only tell you by experience alone. So if you’re a sensitive soul, try the tips, as the energy will be softer. Citrine is meant to work with the solar plexus, the chakra of self-confidence and identity. Citrine helps the user attract abundance into their life and encourages feelings of self-worth. It’s technically part of the quartz family, making it a great gateway crystal for those who can’t handle strong energies. 

5. Clear Quartz

Yet another quartz crystal. The best thing about clear quartz is its cleansing abilities. It gives the user clarity and is non-intrusive. That is one thing all of these crystals have in common. They are relatively non-intrusive and give you just a light layer of energy without turning your whole world upside down. Another great thing about clear quartz is that it’s “programmable.” If you put a certain intention onto it, it will help you in that area of your life. Pretty cool!