Gemini Birthstones: Sodalite And Serpentine

Gemini is the sign of the twins. It is a very mentally oriented sign which can often manifest as a sort of “dual nature.” Communication is a strong suit for the natural Gemini and ruled by Mercury the messenger we find Gemini governing largely the throat chakra as well as standing at the helm of right and left brain integration (or disintegration). By using both Sodalite and Serpentine, one can find the positive qualities of Gemini enhanced in their life and the abilities to communicate with ease and integrate with style – upleveled.

Sodalite is one of my favorite stones as a writer. With a Gemini rising sign I live in the land of words and communication, mental queries and intellect as part of my natural game. I often turn to Sodalite to help me put words together and stimulate my mind into the creative flow. Serpentine helps me do this on a more spiritual level, as it brings the energies of right and left channels in the spine together to activate kundalini.

For the throat chakra, Sodalite is one of my favorite stones, not only because of its blue color (which is super beneficial) but because it has so many powerful healing vibrations for this subtle center. It has been known to assist the vocal chords, the larynx and even to treat a sore throat. By strengthening the physical throat, the throat chakra is also benefited.

Gemini energy can often feel scattered when not channeled correctly, as the mind has a tendency to dart from one subject to the next with ease. By wearing a piece of Sodalite around the neck, the mental field gets to take a rest as this stone brings calmness to the mind and encourages clarity of thought so that words can align with true intent.

Serpentine is a wonderful stone for Gemini personalities as the tendency to experience nervous tension or nervous system sensitivities is high and this stone helps to manage such energies in the nerves. Dealing largely with a higher influx of cosmic energy being processed by the body, those with Gemini in their charts – depending on how aware they are – can feel bombarded and can even get burned out without the proper support. This is true of anyone who deals highly in the mental fields, which are so closely related to the fields of inspiration and higher wisdom. Serpentine helps to balance the energies in the body by assisting the chakras in regulation and allowing the spine to be primed in order to deal with such an influx of vibration and incoming information.

Sodalite supports perception, and Serpentine spiritual exploration, so together they are a hot team for the Gemini mind which can often tether itself to logic, though does well with a spark of higher inspiration. By utilizing these two stones, the Gemini can avoid getting too heady and full of themselves in matters of the mind.

I personally love to sit with Serpentine first, in meditation to open the higher capacities, and then add in my Sodalite when I sit down to write. In this way I feel fully supported on all levels as a dominant Gemini mind writing about spiritual topics. This would also be true for speakers, consultants, singers and songwriters, or anyone who deals in the realms of communication or writing.

One of my favorite things about Serpentine is the way it assists the body in handling spiritual energy. This is where this stone shines. As leaders of the New Era upon us, this stone is especially called for in order to help all of us communicate better about what is happening in the subtle regions of our being. Sometimes it is hard to communicate what is happening to us as we all go through massive upgrades to our systems, or to process and articulate all the spiritual information coming into our minds and bodies, but with Serpentine at our side, this process is made easier by assisting our wording and translation of these things. It can mean the difference between silently struggling and “having the words” to express what is going on in the inner realms – Serpentine can help make this jump.

Whether you are a Gemini by birth, or would like to more fully cultivate the Gemini qualities of communication and mental astuteness in your being, both Sodalite and Serpentine make wonderful companions on this journey of evolution. By either wearing a piece as a talisman or keeping a few stones in your pocket you can begin, today, to reap the benefits of two Gemini friendly crystals for better communication, fuller integration and a clearer mind.