Mudras For Mind // Body // Spirit: Anjali Mudra

Integrate mudra into your practice and life.


Anjali Mudra: Never Forget How To Love

This familiar gesture of coming together in unity and belonging is symbolized by Anjali Mudra (AHN-jah-lee MOO dra). Anjali means divine offering, gift, prayer. The gesture is offered with both hands as a greeting, not to a select few, but to family, friends, strangers, deities, and respect to the natural world.

Anjali Mudra is most commonly paired with the word Namaste. “Namah” means “bow” and “Te” means “to you,” together symbolizing unity between you and me…A recognition of light. I see the light within me and light in you. We are the same. Both divine beings. A representation of Yoga itself, yoking, union.


How To Do Anjali Mudra

  1. Hands soft, gently open.
  2. Join hands palm to palm.
  3. Light opening between the palms.
  4. Fingers together and extended upward is of coming inward.
  5. Gently drawing the palms to the heart is a gesture of universal love, unconditional love and compassion.
  6. With both hands equal and balanced rest the heel of your thumbs on the space of the heart, the Anahata Chakra.
  7. Hold this mudra with presence, devotion, and respect. 
  8. Variation: Fingers spread apart. Embody opening the door of the heart with spaciousness and openness towards other human beings.


Special Uses Of Anjali Mudra

  • Find this gesture in Tadasana, as part of sun salutations, almost any asana or standing balance pose to maintain center.
  • Devotional and sacred hand position in meditation.
  • Meaningful mudra for making an offering, intention, and dedication.
  • Anjali Mudra above your head in respect to the divine forces.
  • Anjali Mudra to brow center with respect to our teachers, guides, and sacred elders.


Awareness During Anjali Mudra

  • Perceive the warmth of your hands.
  • See if you can detect which energy is more active: left is feminine; right is masculine.
  • Which of your fingers has the most forceful activation?
  • See if you can generate even movement through all the fingers and fingertips. 


Benefits Of Anjali Mudra

  • Increased connection to heart and central channel.
  • Clarity and balance in the whole system.
  • Helps to center the two sides of your brain.


Positive Affirmation For Anjali Mudra

Lead me to the song of my heart,

a vessel of light and love.

May I see the light in everyone.

May I be compassionate and never forget how to love.

We are all worthy of love. We are all loved. We are love.