Birthstone Series: Libra and Apatite for Enhanced Communication

When the sun sits under the constellation of Libra, the scales come into balance and relationships come to the forefront of our minds and our experiences. By utilizing the stunning blue or yellow variety of Apatite gemstone, you can feel expanded clarity around issues of the heart and a refinement in Libra’s already enhanced intuitive force. Apatite helps kick the body into high gear through boosting the immune system and fighting off viruses in the already sensitive time of the year Libra weighs in on.

Libra is an air sign and is therefore connected to the mind, intuition, and all intellectual pursuits. It’s a thoughtful time of the year where the way we think about and express our minds in relationship is of the utmost importance. Apatite intensifies clear communication and is an excellent stone to use as a writer or one who deals in diplomacy or affairs of justice, as Libra is ruler over. This stone makes words easier to grasp and articulation a breeze, which is so critical in the realm of relationship and courtship which Libra dances so proudly within.

Blue Apatite, especially, is a good stone to assist with heartbreak and the healing of a broken heart, one of the possible outcomes of dealing intimately in the relationship zone as Libra so fully asks us to do. During the month of relational intensity, it is not a bad idea to keep a touch stone of Apatite in the pocket or on a chain around the neck to help ease any transition which may be needed as unions find their appropriate expression, including the possible need to dissolve.

Libra has been greatly enhanced this past year, with Jupiter hanging out in its sign. This has brought relationships into a greater presence in our lives. Now, as Jupiter has made a shift into Scorpio, we are still left to deal with the relational aftermath of our connections having spent so much time under a magnifying glass. With the sun in Libra we are called to become clear, and Apatite helps us to do this. With the assistance of such a brilliant stone, the conversations which need to occur, can. The words which need to be found, are findable. The energy needed in order to make the next giant relational leap, in every area of our lives, becomes more possible with the aid of Apatite gemstone.

Think of it as having a magical word stone in your pocket, one that is tailor made to “whisper the right words to say” in your ear—just like movies where someone hides in the bushes to help the lover woo the woman in the window. Apatite is akin to the Shakespearean assistant, able to conjure the right words and appropriate explanations in order to move relationships forward to their next phase of being.

Beyond Relationship

Apatite is also an incredible tool to use while in meditation or in the process of attuning to psychic gifts and enhanced mental states. It helps to quiet the mind so that you can feel the essence of your own being. It has such a profound effect on self-awareness, connecting one to all levels of being: I believe this is the major reason why interpersonal communication becomes so much clearer. If you can hear and feel the resonance of your own inner space and become familiar and intimate with what you authentically are and need, then it is that much simpler to know how to communicate those needs and preferences with another. It also becomes more obvious how energetic lines between oneself and others either align or not.

Libra is the time of year when we are most able to contact our sense of grace and poise, for it is the constellation which is ruled naturally by Venus—she of the exquisite nature and sensual expression. Apatite, in a quiet and very simple way, helps us to connect to the beauty of existence, and to find a way to bring that more fully into our own natural radiance. Apatite teaches self-awareness in the most profoundly magnificent and balanced way. One might call it the “spiritual mentor” stone, for its vibration helps us to attune to our highest possible expression of Self.

Whether you have a sun in Libra, or simply want to tap into and access the communicative splendor and relational mastery available during this time of the year, invoke the energy of Apatite gem in order to help you do so in a most refined vibrational way. Apatite whets the appetite for harmonious living and cultivates the exquisite expression possible when each of us is living at the peak of our divine potential.