Essential Oils For Consciousness: White Fir & Karma

Before our embodiment, I imagine we were traversing endless passageways and landscapes of time/space. Living other lives as other names in other places and following the ways of the culture, our ancestors, and the tug in our hearts. If you believe in past lives, that is.

I do.

I can’t imagine only doing this once; there are too many repeating patterns as it is, why would these patterns not repeat lifetime after lifetime? With these repeating patterns comes the accumulation of what might be termed “karmic debris” or unprocessed thoughts, feelings, and experiences in various previous embodiments. For when we die, I imagine we carry over the lessons and insights we have “worked on” into a new form, to, hopefully, continue the journey.

White fir essential oil has the extraordinary capacity to help us access the subtle fields of the body, including what could be called the Akashic records—where libraries of information from every life are contained. It is in this field (similar to our emotional body or pranic field) that we store, vibrationally, everything that we have ever done or thought and everything that has ever happened to us, including the passed down emotions and behaviors of those who came before us. White fir helps disperse energetic blocks and debris from our fields in order to bring our body fields into the zero point of the present.

Just like the physical manifestation of a fir tree, the oil lends a sense of grounding, while at the same time lifting you up into realms beyond our ordinary vision. Whenever I use fir essential oil I feel refreshed, like I just hit the Cosmic reset button. The scent and vibration of white fir leave me feeling even clearer than a good smudge and right up there with a hot spring dip in the pines.

Physically, the oil is known to uplift us, to support the immune system, to relax muscles, and to soothe the digestive system. All of these qualities definitely precede any emotional or karmic release as the physical body becomes the “final resting place” for all of our karmic debris. If we can get a little help in shaking it loose from the ways in which it has crystallized in the physical (which is in various forms of ailments or bodily dis-ease) then we can know the deeper levels of release will be possible.

It is a scientific fact that our ancestors can pass unprocessed emotions to us through our DNA. White fir works to alter the DNA in order to release these emotional inheritances, leaving us fresh and clean, better able to express our authentic selves.

When you want to address blocks in your life which seem to have no explanation, white fir essential oil supports your consciousness in accessing and releasing the subtle patterns and bindings you carry from past lives which wish to be addressed now. Sometimes releasing them means we have to “see” them again before they completely leave our field. So, when working with white fir, it is important to be conscious of the process you have engaged in and stay vigilant while your body works to throw off old karmic debris and ancestral karmas.

What happens if you don’t stay present as the observer while white fir works?

Just like practicing yoga, or doing any other conscious awakening process, the observer or witness capacity is important so as to not get emotionally involved in the release process and re-identify with what is being released. This is so important—I can’t say it enough. The mistake people often make when working with essential oils, practicing yoga, or engaging in other awakening practices, is that they go into it full-board, ready to “release their stuff,” but when this actually starts to happen they insist on identifying with the guck that is being released. The key is to remember that this is going to happen, and then to “stand back” with your awareness and remain unattached to the process as it then begins to play out. This is a very advanced state of mind to be in, but a necessary one if you want to get off the karmic wheel more quickly.

White fir essential oil is consciousness support for stepping off the wheel. It not only supports in the release and untethering process, but it supports your awareness in keeping the detached witness attitude so necessary for this work to actually assist, and not just create more drama to play in.

How do you use white fir?

There are a variety of ways I love to work with white fir essential oil. My favorite is just to drop a few drops in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, and inhale. The scent is so refreshing, like a delicious winter day in the mountains. You can diffuse this oil to keep your home free of karmic cobwebs; you can bathe with a few drops in a conscious release-style wash. If I use this oil in the bath I add a teaspoon or so of coconut oil to the hot water so as to not irritate my skin with the neat oil.

If you are brave and have some food-grade white fir oil you can add a drop to a glass of almond or cashew milk. Consuming this oil with the intention of supporting your DNA in only vibrating healthy patterns is a potent way to affect consciousness.

I highly recommend, if you can find a practitioner who massages, to have a past life or karmic-release session for your field followed by a full body oil massage using white fir oil. This is absolutely so potent and epic, as you can literally feel those old patterns melt away from your muscles and the body field.

However you choose to use it, just choose to use white fir when working to release karmic patterns and ancestral traumas. You will find the process greatly enhanced and sped up and the scent, absolutely amazing.