Intro To Hindu Deities: Rama & The Perfect Human

Rama is my new favorite Hindu deity to love. If you read up on Rama online you will see that he is depicted as the ultimate embodiment of truth, virtue, chivalry, honor—the “perfect human” so to speak. However, to me, Rama represents the part of us which already knows ourselves to be in a whole, complete state, perfect exactly as we are. Rama within is the aspect which acknowledges the authentic self, inherently perfect, without the need to get “better,” for it understands that ultimately, there is no better. Good and Bad are subjective.

Invoking Rama Within

By invoking the remembrance of Rama within, we can begin to live from the true self, the one that is unapologetic about manifesting just as it is. This is not a justification of poor behavior, but rather, a devoted appreciation and honoring of the true, innate self.

In a dualistic world, we are programmed through television, music, and other means to either strive towards a perfect “ideal” persona, or to move away from specific character traits—labeling them as “undesirable.” When in reality, we are each unique individuals, truly incapable of all following a formulated prescription for “showing up” in the world.

When taking a keen look at reality we might observe ourselves to have been collectively deterred from being our true selves and even hoodwinked into conformity in order to make things “easier” for the powers that be and the systems running. However, through invoking Rama as the very realization that one would want to be individual and unique, the spirit within is remembered and prompted to step fully forward into its divine expression. The recognition of Rama as an aspect of the self is an invitation of validation for authenticity to take center stage in our lives.

It is crazy how we grow up believing that we should try and be like everyone else: to make specific grades, to look a certain way, to work for someone else, and to believe in a structure and set of beliefs and traditions which may not be even close to supportive to our true soul nature.  As we wake up to who we are and remember that we are divine beings incarnate, we are also beginning to give ourselves permission to shine the light we came here with.

If each and every soul truly began “showing up” as the person they are at the core, and began living from that place and expressing from that place, not only do I believe that we would “cover the basics” of what this world needs to function, but we would in fact thrive and move beyond our current limitations—as individuals and as a whole. We would enhance life on earth for ourselves and for each other. We would find a synergy and cooperation like never before. This is all due to the fundamental truth existing at our core, and that is that we are One, not separate. We are One, but we are each unique expressions of the One. Together, we make up the most beautiful everything in all of existence.

By invoking the energy and aspects of Rama we are asking that authentic, original, real self to come forth and exist in and through us, as us.

Rama & Sita

In the stories of Rama, he is the righteous and honorable king and his wife, Sita, is the love of his life. In the Ramayana, one of Hinduism’s scripture texts, Sita is captured by a demon king and rescued by Rama’s best friend, Hanuman, the monkey king. Rama represents the part of us who knows that we are best living life when we are authentic and serving our fellow humans. The demon kidnapping of Rama’s wife could be seen as the capture of our intuitive force which knows and validates this truth on a very deep level. The feminine within is always the intuitive, creative force. So when the thoughts and beliefs of the world (demon king) hijack the intuition, Rama, the perfectly uniquely expressing human, falls into despair and out of alignment with his truth. The rescue takes place only through reliance on both the primal instinct to act AND on the super-human strength of divine action/embodiment—represented by Hanuman within.

Rama does, in fact, never give up hope on his Sita—his intuition—being reunited with him, but it is not for nearly two decades after (as the story goes), for he believes that Sita (his intuition) was somehow unfaithful to him. In the tale, Sita bore Rama two sons in the forest during their time apart, all the while still fully dedicated to Rama. It was not until he met his sons years later that he reunited with Sita and they lived out the rest of their lives joyfully.  How could this part of the story be interpreted within?

Here is my take:

It is often in our youth that we first contact or remember our wholeness—Rama and Sita “living happily together.” It is only through the loss of the magical self, often through immersion in the things of this world, the systems, the beliefs and programming we all receive, that our Rama becomes desperately lost without his Sita. At some point, our instinctual nature finds its super-human strength and rescues our intuitive nature…but this is not always the end of the story. This is the equivalence, after-all, of the Kundalini Shakti in the body being re-awakened and ascending the spinal channel to the seat of the pineal gland where we live as fully awakened god-beings. Often that journey is a spotty one—one where we forget and remember ourselves repeatedly and cyclically as the chakras spew out their debris during the cleansing/awakening process.

Eventually, when we see the offspring, or the creative results of our initial awakening, coming back into our lives again, we remember the union—the experience of our whole selves—and it is then when we are finally equipped to embody it fully.

How to Invoke Rama Within

To invoke Rama within you might say something like:

I now invoke the aspect of me which is Rama Consciousness, that part of me who knows myself to be perfect, whole and complete exactly as I amright now. I call upon this knowing to come forth within my being and to express and manifest with full confidence and vigor as I align all of my subtle bodies, open my chakras, and allow for the true divine expression I was meant to radiateto be seen, felt, heard and known on this plane of existence. I know that by choosing to embody Rama within that I combine in perfect divine love with my inner divine feminine as Sita and activate the Hanuman principle of primal instincts to be as a friend and companion, constantly standing with me in my divine humanness. For I know that I can only express in authenticity and perfection by acknowledging and accepting every part of me, from primal to divine. As Rama consciousness incarnate I stand as king/queen of my bodily kingdom/queendom and rule in balance and harmony over the state of my personal life and affairs with my inner divine counterpartSita. By invoking the part of me which is Rama I fully accept that I AM exactly as I am meant to be. And so it is.