Healing Stones: Remembering Purpose & Beauty With Desert Rose Selenite


Like all selenite crystals, the desert rose variety, without exception, is used to clear unwanted energies from the body and body fields. The beautiful picturesque design of the desert rose stone could deceive one into thinking this stone is all looks, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I, too, made the mistake of underestimating the power of the desert rose selenite, but after having its essence visit me during a healing session in order to cut away invisible cords going every which way from my client, and doing it with extreme ease, I realized the heavy hitter I was dealing with.

Self-Cleansing Clarity & Cord Cutting

Able to self-purify, desert rose selenite is in no need of the monthly full moon bath or salt water clearing your other stones need in order to release all they have accumulated on your behalf over the past cycle. This stone is a professional at cutting through the etheric cords and then recalibrating itself to clarity for the next task.

Desert rose selenite offers much to the one who would sit with it. For me, I have received incredible downloads into the nature of my reality and on behalf of clients when I have chosen to keep this crystal around. It often talks to me and lends its vibrational support in various cases, especially when I am lacking clarity of thought. This stone is all about the clean slate and can therefore help the mind to rid itself of all misaligned thoughts in order to make the pure intent shine through.

Turn to desert rose selenite when you feel bogged down, unclear, or heavy with emotional intensity. Sit with it; let its crystal structure permeate your auric field and ask it to “do its magic,” and then wait…you may be surprised at what you feel. As the vibrational field of this powerful crystal expands to work on me, I have noticed all its delicately flower petal-like ridges suddenly turn into the equivalent of etheric cutting shears and move through the subtle fields of the body whisking and slicing away unwanted cords, tethers, and binds, loosening up congestion and allowing for the beauty of purified clarity to come forth.

Doctrine of Signatures

The way in which this stone is created says a lot for the power it has when working with us. Its intricate folds and flower-like protrusions are made through moisture condensation, pressure, and the erosion of time, sand, and wind. Just like us, it could be observed that we are a coming together of all the emotional experiences of our lives—moisture…water, emotions…accumulating and bound together over time and pressure to integrate all we have seen and all we feel. As life moves against us, we shift and shape and create the structure of the personality and the being we are. When we allow ourselves to be “eroded” through the elements of life, where that may seem like a destructive process initially, we can see that life is working to reveal back to us our truest most pure nature—that which is hidden beneath our coverings as potential all the while.

Using desert rose selenite is a shamanic act of revealing. If we allow her to, she will reveal to us all that we have kept hidden, or all that is hiding our true self. This particular type of selenite is all about reconnecting us to our soul purpose and is here to help us accomplish our goals and feel the motivation to take action towards our dreams. Not only does it bring clarity, but also the burst of energy needed to move ahead and align with our soul mission.

Think of the influx of joy one would feel after wandering in the barren desert seeing only sand and cactus and then suddenly happening upon blooming flowers! This is the burst of excitement and inspiration this stone brings. It is the flower in the desert; it is the creative spark in the barren mind who has awaited clarity in order to take action in the world. It is as a poem to our consciousness, one that brings gentle remembrance of where we came from and what we are here to do…one that lifts us out of the mundane and back into the flow of beauty and joy.

Inner Beauty & Self-Worth

Desert rose selenite helps to ground one in the awareness of their own inner beauty and self-worth, thereby offering a boost of confidence in order to accomplish the things one is here to do. By gazing into the textured stone and letting your fingers run across its rough surface you can begin to feel and sense how the random design is what makes this stone so beautiful, that it’s loveliness is in fact because of its bizarre composition and that we too are just like this stone…beautiful in our uniqueness expressing.

Sitting with desert rose selenite in meditation can assist you in remembering and embodying self-love and inner strength to be who you are with confidence and resolve. It is the perfect stone to sit as a friend on the altar space or in the bathroom near a mirror to help remind us to “see the beauty” every time we gaze into our own eyes reflected back…and to know ourselves as connected to the One heart of love in all of existence.

On the Body

On a very practical level, desert rose selenite works with tissue regeneration and can help to heal the body through its use, stimulating the deep healing capacity within the cells of the body and helping to move away limiting belief structures and energy stagnation. This stone can be helpful in assisting with flexibility of the muscles and even improving muscle tone and would therefore be excellent to have in the same room as a yoga mat or weights or to keep nearby when stretching and pushing the body beyond its previous limitations.

Other uses for desert rose selenite:

  • Improving psychic abilities
  • Releasing phobias
  • Protection
  • Increasing creativity
  • Supporting grief
  • Motion sickness
  • Nausea
  • Prostate conditions
  • Viruses
  • Emotional intelligence

Turn to desert rose selenite to improve your relationship with yourself and with the universe. Allow it to open up a channel of connection between your manifest personality self and your higher self who is always remembering love, health, and joy. Let desert rose selenite be the poem in your world of chaos and allow it to tear things apart that need tearing and heal things that need healing. As a friend, no other stone might be as dear. Desert rose selenite, we are glad that you are here!