Healing Stones: Red Coral As The Great Activator

There is a theme running through my latest writings of tapping into life-force, the Cosmic kundalini energy within our beings to a greater degree. As energies are amping up on the planet and the process of evolution is taking each one of us deeper into the core of the Self we are being asked to harness our life-force and make the most out of our time here. Red coral is a gem that is here to help out.

Red coral is less a gemstone and more a sea creature, a life form which we have brought to land and placed next to our skin as a reminder of that pulsing life force which sustains all. When choosing to work with red coral you are placing prime attention and energy upon the direct line of connection we have with the planet through our first chakra and the awakening of the kundalini which begins there before taking its ascent.

Red coral is of the sea; it is native, colorful, raw and able to move with the power of the ocean, unbroken. It is resilient, strong, bold and home to many of the ocean’s creatures. It represents our root, our core, our inner sense of home and the bold strength we all need to call upon when we begin opening to the power of life-force energy in real time, awake and fully alive.

The potent awakening of kundalini shakti is one of the most profound occurrences which can happen during an incarnational cycle. It is the movement within human form of cosmic life force energy to such a degree that the person becomes increasingly more conscious and aware of both him/herself as well as all of life and the interconnection of all things.

Red coral is painted primal crimson and therefore vibrates with the portal of consciousness that is the root chakra. This base center in the body is primed to open when one touches the core issues associated with this living vortex—those of basic needs, security, safety, prosperity, and home. Red coral stimulates the energy field and causes one to contemplate these themes to a greater degree than possibly ever before. The red reaches into the primal resonance with blood and the life/death nature. It pokes at our most basic relationship with life and those things which might threaten it.

Not only are the aforementioned issues stimulated into consciousness with the use of red coral, but they are brought into balance by the gentle yet fiery nature of the coral. As the coral itself must be stable and rooted as well as flexible and porous to survive the harshness and majesty of the ocean, so are we too encouraged into our best relational version of self with planet earth and with life itself.

When choosing to work with red coral one might experience either a gentle awakening, or the fierce undoing of a previously blocked or shut-down root chakra. If one has already begun to awaken this center, the coral may assist in burning through blocks more quickly or increasing the rate at which one faces the issues associated with the awakening process. If, however, there is little awareness before choosing to wear a red coral piece, the very act of coming into vibrational proximity of this species may initiate a hardcore opening of the seat of the kundalini fire and jar the person awake. Depending on the state of asleepness one is in when such an awakening initiates, the immediate results may seem catastrophic, even if the long-term is beneficial.

Choose to give the gift of a red coral to someone else wisely and with compassion. Others will awaken on their own time and wishing to force others awake is not the answer. Rather, we can stand as guardians on the path of awakening, and once you have completed an initiation cycle, turn metaphorically around and see who is there to take your hand in their own passing of the gate. Most often there is at least one other just about to step where you have completed. They are the ones asking for your wisdom, and could perhaps warrant a red coral if you see the path ahead for them may need a bit of a helpful jump start.

I look back to a pivotal moment when a dear friend gave me a piece of red coral as a necklace. My life was never to be the same. Though the gem came at a beautiful time and was a peace offering of sorts, I can see now how it began a turning of the tides for me, as to where I focused my life force and who was impacted by my choices. I was, in effect, cleared of all those who would not be joining me on my next leg of the journey. New soul tribe members were initiated into my reality and a fresh perspective on self was activated—one which I would not understand until much later in life, but which was going to be crucial for my impending passing.

Did my girlfriend who gave me red coral know what she was helping along in passing me the gift of the red coral? Probably not, though she followed an intuitive hunch which allowed me to be the receiver of a powerful and beautiful gift. As I put on the necklace again today, after so many years, I feel I have finally “earned” it. I have become bold, stable, and beautiful and yet flexible and resilient in my ways more than ever before. My core is bright and “on right” it seems and I am reminded of my fiery depths by wearing this loud piece.

Maybe you are wondering if you have enough power or fortitude to face what is before you? Maybe you know you need a strength as you have never before known. Maybe you are ready to activate a more confident you or a bolder version. If so, red coral may be the perfect new companion for you to add to your collection and toolbox.

Red coral is the root chakra activator. It is nourishing and fortifying to the blood and to the heart. It is a confidence builder and a courage maker as well as a rejuvenator of spirit. It steps in where fear leaves off and gives us a boost of “I can do this” where necessary. Iron reserves are built in the body by choosing to work with red coral and the menstrual cycle can be brought into greater balance and hormonal balance. This beautiful specimen is also fantastic to have around after exercise for rejuvenation and should be taken off to get a good night’s sleep. By working with red coral you may find yourself more energized and with a stream of creativity that feels more primal in nature.

In order to activate the Cosmic Kundalini energy, sit with a piece of red coral in meditation and feel the flow of prana rise up and down your spine. Intend for it to be used to activate and clear each chakra point and then step into observer mode to watch that all play out. Red coral is like Aries in the Zodiac. It is a fabulous initiator of energies...the question comes next—where do you want it to go? Answer that and you will have become an ally with red coral.