Harvest Moon: A Time For Balance & Self-Expression

The Harvest Moon on September 24 opens the gateway for harvesting the fruits of your labors from the past. This is a point of annual manifestation of the cause and effect (karma) you have created during the previous year. It’s also a time to celebrate the harvest season like the ancients did at this rich time of year.

The light also is starting to fade in the evening sky as the sun sets earlier and the days become shorter after the Autumn Equinox (September 22). We are heading into a darker, more introspective time of year, where the veil is said to be thinner between worlds—between the third-dimensional physical world and the fourth-dimensional astral world. It is a time of celebration for what we are able to manifest, and also a time of preparation for the days ahead.

The September 24 Full Moon falls only 2 days after the Autumn Equinox on September 22, which marks the annual balance between the light of day and the dark of night. The Full Moon on September 24 is also the “Harvest Moon,” which is the Full Moon that falls closest to the Autumn Equinox on September 22. The Harvest Moon rises closest to the Earth’s equator and thus appears larger and closer to the Earth than other Full Moons during the year. The alignment of the Sun and Moon at the equinoctial point also helps one establish greater balance in everyday life. 

A Time for Authentic Self-Expression

Astrologically, this Full Moon is marked by the presence of communicative Mercury in harmonious Libra, loving Venus and lucky Jupiter in explorative Scorpio, fiery Mars in communally-oriented Aquarius, disciplined Saturn and depth-seeking Pluto in hard-working Capricorn, innovative Uranus in financially-savvy Taurus, and spiritual Neptune in imaginative Pisces. With communicative Mercury opposite the sentimental Moon in Aries at the Full Moon, it will be important to give voice to your feelings. Say what you mean, and of course, mean what you say. Authentic self-expression, done with care and kindness, will bring positive results this month. 

A strong angle between the Sun, Moon, and Mercury and karmic Saturn at the time of the Harvest Moon will also bring rewards for honest, authentic self-expression. And Uranus opposite Venus, forming a square angle with Mars, will potentially heighten tensions if communications are conducted with anything less than caution, care, and precise attention to details and truth. It is too easy to approximate the facts to fit the point you would like to make. People will be called on the carpet for exaggeration or wishful thinking if it impacts their expressions of the truth. Stick to the facts and everything will work out okay this month.

Your Sign

If you were born under an air sign, or with the Moon or Ascendant in the air signs of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, this will be the time to put your theories and expectations to the test. Stay open to alternative interpretations of reality. Incorporate new information and prepare to move forward!

If you were born under an earth sign, or with the Moon or Ascendant in the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you will welcome the clarity and straight-forward quality this time will bring. You will accomplish quite a lot under the energy of the Harvest Moon!

If you were born under a fire sign, or with the Moon or Ascendant in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, this is the time to be forthright and direct. Your ideas will be heard!

If you were born under a water sign, or with the Moon or Ascendant in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, this is a time to protect yourself if you feel sensitive or adverse to hearing the words expressed by others at the time of the Full Moon. This is a good time to immerse yourself in your own private reality, through meditation, yoga, or contemplation. It’s also a good time to read a spiritual book or do some writing about what you are feeling inside about the outside world. Self-healing comes during solitude and introspective silence!

Balancing Relationships

The September 24 Full Moon also portends the beginning of new relationships between equals. You may meet people you feel completely in sync with, and the relationships will feel exceedingly comfortable and uncomplicated. Or you may meet people who seem completely opposite of yourself. These relationships may seem tense at first, but through balancing with your opposite, you will learn to create even greater peace and harmony.

The “law of opposites” states that everything in nature is the unity of opposites. For example, electricity is produced through the union of positive and negative charges. So, one of the most powerful forces in nature is created through the union of opposite forces. And it is a psychological fact that the best relationships are formed between people who share a combination of both similar qualities and characteristics that are diametrically opposed, creating harmony through a symphony of tension with ease and flow.

All opposites eventually seek to unite—meaning that people who are opposite eventually have the potential to become exactly alike. Complementary opposites are not only complementary, but through careful balancing, may end up becoming much more harmonious, and even similar! Besides, opposites attract! 


Check out the night skies as well this month! You will be able to see Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in the southern skies throughout September!