Vedic Astrology For Sep 23-29: Sun, Saturn, Libra & Perception Vs. Reality

Planetary Transits & Cosmic Interplay for the week of Sep 23–29

It is very interesting that the ingress of the Sun into the sign of Libra signifies the beginning of a season that we call “fall.”  In Vedic Astrology, each planet has a sign that is the place of its “fall,” also known as debilitation.  This is the sign for that planet in which it performs poorest and is met with the most challenges to its natural agenda and energy that can sometimes overwhelm that planet.  With the Sun, that sign of its fall is the sign of Libra.  To further understand this point we will dive into the underpinnings of the energies at play here.

But before we do, it is important to understand that we will not all be experiencing these indications that will be discussed to the same degree or manner, if at all.  It all depends upon a lot of factors related to one’s individual natal chart and if those factors are either being reflected by the transiting planets or if the signs in which the transits are occurring contain certain factors in one’s natal chart.  It is all about finding confluence and multiplicity of common factors.

The Sun’s Nature

With that said, let’s look at the nature of the Sun to get a clearer picture of the kind of adversity and challenges that it can indicate.  The Sun represents one’s ability to lead and attract others to them.  So, in a sense it is about being important and has to do with egoism to a certain extent.  It’s also about what one views as important to them that they need to achieve or become.  The key takeaway here is that the Sun is related to one’s own personal sense of importance and doesn’t incorporate others’ considerations or influence.

Sun & Libra 

This last point about other’s considerations is crucial to seeing how the Sun becomes challenged by being in the sign of Libra.  The image associated with Libra is that of a person holding scales.  This indicates valuation and weighing multiple things equally against each other to make sure that every party involved gets a fair deal.  The Sun naturally does not consider outside influences other than that which it believes needs to be done—just like a monarch who doesn’t spend time listening to the people because they know that if they listen to everyone’s opinion and try to please them all then ultimately no overarching progress can be made.  This is the conflict of the Sun being in Libra.

With that being explained, this is not the only thing going on with the Sun at this time.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken the time to write an article just about this ingress into Libra as it is not a strong enough indicator of this energy alone.  What is happening is that Saturn is casting its full aspect of influence onto the Sun as well.  There are a couple of things to know about this.  Firstly, it’s only a full aspect that Saturn is giving to Sun and not mutual full influences.  Secondly, Saturn is seen as an enemy to the Sun so this means that Saturn’s influence to the Sun carries with it a proclivity towards hindering the Sun’s natural agenda.  Let’s now look at how that can manifest.

Saturn’s Influence to the Sun

Saturn is said to be related to suffering through hard circumstances and of weathering the storm, so to speak.  In other words, it is about accepting that things can’t be changed and must be endured.  It’s about acquiescing whereas the Sun is about rising above and conquering.  What is happening when Sun is influenced strongly by Saturn is there becomes a conflict where one can find themselves in a circumstance where they are held back from achieving their goal by some ailment or thing that makes them wait because it must be endured.

What can often result from this is the questioning of one’s competence and whether they can actually achieve their desired goals.  This can bring about issues with one’s self-esteem resurfacing as they may even feel like they are not worthy of achieving their ambitions.  That is one end of this polarity while there is another extreme to this energy as well.  That is where instead of feeling like one is not capable necessarily, they actually go to great lengths to be noticed and seen as important and successful.

An example of this could look be one who is constantly reminding others of their past successes and achievements—not in a healthy and helpful manner, but coming from a place of feeling incapable.  This is an example of a compensatory response where one may tend to inflate their ego edifice to mask their incompetence or more so their internal feeling of this.

Putting It All Together

Now, let’s tie this back in with being in the sign of Libra.  With Libra hindering the Sun because of listening to others too much, we can then see that the source or environment in which one experiences this Saturnian influence causing self-esteem issues can come from others’ beliefs.  One can experience, or even just feel, like others’ demands are too high that they just can’t do it.  This doesn’t necessarily have to come from someone physically demanding something from them or asking for something outright, but from one’s own internal perception of what others want from them.  This can be a time of feeling overwhelmed by what one perceives that others want from them and of not being able to live up to their perceived requirements. 

What to Do With This Energy

The best way to channel this energy at this time is to do some list making.  The idea here is to take inventory of the perceived demands that are felt like they’re not able to be met.  Then delineate what is wanted to be achieved that is being hindered by this process and also take inventory of the things that have been achieved in the past.  Then there needs to be an ordering, or more so re-ordering, of priorities and to set out a game plan of what one thing to focus on at a time and how long realistically it will take to achieve this.  Then move down the list and repeat.  Finally, I would recommend communicating the perceptions with the people that are involved that are felt to be overwhelming and suss out whether the perception is accurate or just a perception.

By slowing down, looking at the bigger picture of the situation, seeing all the individual parts, and by communicating these things appropriately one can then help to course correct their own internal processing of the situation.  The key is not to get lost in perception and in not acquiescing before even attempting, but to see things for what they are.  This time is all about engaging with reality and is a great time for reassessing one’s plans and goals and finding out a better way to go about this process—one in which everyone is included in the discussion and everyone benefits—even, and especially, oneself as well.