Full Moon Lunar Eclipse On Jan 20-21 Is A Time To Be Yourself

The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20-21 is also a Super Moon because it will appear larger than normal due to its close proximity to Earth. While this eclipse will be visible in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America, you will also feel its disorganizing impact, particularly if you have a cusp birthday: January 20-22, February 19-21, March 20-22, April 20-22, May 21-23, June 21-23, July 22-24, August 22-24, September 22-24, October 23-25, November 22-24, or December 21-23.

What Happens During A Lunar Eclipse?

During a lunar eclipse, the normal reflected sunlight to Earth from the Moon’s surface is interrupted by the shadow of the Earth, which disrupts the path of the Sun’s light to the Moon. This disruption of the normal flow of solar energy to the lunar surface distorts our normal emotional reactions to events around us. This distortion of lunar light produces a bit of “lunacy.” A temporarily altered perspective and ensuing emotional reactions of billions of people across the globe can produce unusual global events for at least 2 weeks prior to a full moon lunar eclipse, and 2 weeks after the full moon lunar eclipse, when the influence of the next New Moon takes hold. Often, normal weather patterns are disrupted during a lunar eclipse. There can be more clouds, wind, and rain. 

A New Look At Old Issues

The upcoming Full Moon Total Eclipse begins on January 20 on the West Coast of the United States and concludes on January 21 on the East Coast of the United States. Under its influence, events that last occurred from May to June 2018 will come to your attention again due to the interaction of change-oriented Uranus in Taurus with the January 2019 lunar eclipse, forming a t-square pattern in the heavens. Issues from late spring and early summer 2018 will rise to the surface in new forms and invite resolution. You will find new, improved, and updated solutions. 

Events that last surfaced in January of 2000 will also come to your attention. January 2000 marks the beginning of the new millennium, when forecasts of a global shutdown (Y2K) due to computers changing from 1999-2000 never occurred. The interesting thing about the repetition of the same lunar eclipse pattern in 2000 and 2019 is that the potential for computers to malfunction and severely impact society still exists. Only this time, 19 years later, computers are significantly more imbedded in our daily lives and their ability to facilitate progress as well as stymie progress is even more evident. This is especially true when electronic communications are used to generate fake news that hurts people or falsely influences public opinion. 

The year 2000 also was the first year in which electoral results in the United States produced an unclear winner, and similar inefficiencies or inequalities in the voting system are still being exposed at this time. In your own lives, you will have an opportunity under this lunar eclipse to look at how you form your opinions and how you reach conclusions. With the Sun in Aquarius at this Full Moon, electronic communications, ruled by Aquarius, will be under scrutiny. With the Moon in Leo, you also will have a chance to review your self-image, and the image you project to the public (vs. the image you privately hold of yourself), as well as the way you project your own self-perceptions. 

Authentic, Not Polished

Under current planetary influences, it is more important to be authentic than to be polished. Being different or unusual in some way is a respected quality at this time. In the past, it may have been more important to fit in. Consider that during the Baby Boom years, nearly 25% of the babies born had the same 10 names. Today, less than 10% of newborns have the same names, and these names are often unusually spelled (e.g., Kathee instead of Kathy, or Jaxon instead of Jackson), or the names are androgynous, such as Taylor, Dakota, or Skylar), or the names are unusual, such as Neveah (heaven spelled backwards). Diversity of names is just one example of the individuality and uniqueness that many people are striving for; other examples are inventive or asymmetrical hairstyles, unusual hair colors, personalized tattoos and body piercings, or asymmetrical or torn clothing, to name a few. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 20 will accentuate the need to be independent, distinctive, idiosyncratic (if you wish), and unique. Incidentally, the name Unique is listed as one of the top 1000 baby names in 2017 on the Social Security Administration website that records the popularity of newborn’s names!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will present you with an opportunity for a new beginning given that the Full Moon lands on the first day in which the Sun will be in Aquarius, and just over an hour after the Moon enters the opposite sign of Leo. So, use the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to let your hair down. Be original! Be innovative! Be yourself!