Vedic Astrology For Jan 27-Feb 2: The Time Is Now!

Each new year represents a clean slate and a time to create course corrections to those areas in our lives that aren’t meeting our expectations.  This is why we create things like new year’s resolutions and create promises to make this upcoming calendar year better than the last.  Whereas these intentions are great, there is at times a reluctance to implement these changes in our lives because it typically represents moving out of our comfort zone. 

This idea of intention versus implementation is a great way to summarize the energy of the latest eclipse that just happened on January 20-21.  Included in this eclipse was the idea of feeling entangled between the desire to break free from a repressing situation and being stuck in the comfort that the situation provided.  This is very much akin to the resolution reluctance, just magnified to a higher extent.  However, astrologically this week there is a reprieve from this cycle of suffering.

The Time Is Now!

Looking to the sky, we see a couple of indications of finally breaking free and finding the energy to move towards our desired changes.  Firstly, we have the Sun now established in the sign of Aquarius and out of Capricorn where it was strongly influenced by Ketu (the south node of the Moon) and Saturn.  The Sun is representative of our ability to bring about our greatest vision of ourselves and of feeling inspired to achieve our aspirations.  A big part of the suppressive feeling brought on by the eclipse was from the conjunction of the Saturn and Ketu.  By escaping into Aquarius, some of the burden of this suppressive energy was lifted.  However, there’s actually a bigger indication of breaking free shown in the sky at this time.

What’s really spurring this energy for finally making a change is that of Mars catching the full special aspect of Jupiter.  Keeping the Sun’s ingress into Aquarius in mind, the fact is now we have an unlocking and igniting of the masculine energy.  Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are known in Vedic astrology to be the three planets that are considered masculine.  Masculinity does not necessarily refer to gender, but rather the effect of making things happen in the world.  It is about taking initiative towards achieving the ends that one wishes to pursue.  It is about ambition, drive, inspiration, purpose, and direction becoming unlocked and active.  The fact is that this with Mars receiving Jupiter’s full special aspect is that masculinity is getting the green light.  Now, let’s explore the specifics of these planets’ energies to get a fuller grasp as to how this can feel.

Fortune Favors The Bold

Mars represents the masculine energy of moving ahead regardless of the consequences.  We use this martial energy to make breakthroughs and whenever we need to initiate a new action.  In fact, Mars is the planet of initiation and breaking the mold, and simply put, it’s about the spurring of activity.  To do this successfully there needs to be a certain air of recklessness. 

Think about going through the process of opening a new business.  If one thinks only about the possibility of failure and potential pitfalls then one may never get the startup off the ground.  This way of looking at things is endless.  At some point the only thing one can do is to just take flight regardless of what may go wrong because, ultimately, difficulties will arise no matter which course of action is taken.  The only difficulty that doesn’t encounter any difficulties is that of no effort taken at all, which leads to stagnation and frustration.  The Martial energy is accepting of the fact that there will be difficulties but that one has the power to overcome it.  This is the fearlessness that Mars provides.

Jupiter Fueling The Engine 

As far as masculinity is concerned, Jupiter represents a sense of purpose, direction, and seeing the big picture of how everything will fit together.  Jupiter is indicative of wisdom and this really ties in with the idea of seeing the how and why everything will work.  Jupiter is also representative of hope, faith, optimism, and the idea that everything will work out fine.

Now, when Jupiter is casting its full special aspect upon Mars is when one’s ability to take action really gets ignited.  When one starts to feel optimistic and gets the sense of how everything can work together, then one’s ability to break free and jump into action becomes not only easier, but almost like a fire is being lit underneath them and they go about their undertakings with joy and excitement.

Just Do It 

Casting this into the light of the eclipse, this is the time to break free.  This is the time to step into that role that one has felt either needed to wait or that others’ needs had obscured in some fashion.  It’s about casting free the bonds of restriction and moving forward in the direction that they may have hesitated in taking before.  It’s the time to make bold steps forward and not look back.  The future is now and the time is here.  Will there be difficulties?  Of course, but the consideration for them is not now.  They will be dealt with as they come up, and we all know they will.  But right now is the time to step out of the closet and into the new version of oneself—one that is custom fit for the new year.