Full Moon SuperMoon On February 19: Balance Earthly Perfection With Heavenly Transcendence

The February 19 Full Moon—called the “Snow Moon” by Native American Indian tribes—will also be a SuperMoon because of its closer-than-normal proximity to Earth at the time the Moon reaches its full phase. The Moon reaches “perigee”—its closest point to Earth in its orbit— just hours before the Full Moon, making this the largest Full Moon SuperMoon of 2019! A SuperMoon phenomenon makes the Moon appear about 15% larger and up to 30% brighter than normal.


A Full Moon On Steroids

The Full Moon’s close proximity to Earth also will make it feel like a Full Moon on steroids. Emotional lunar energy will be running high. You may feel more reactive than normal. The SuperMoon also can heighten the high tides for the few days prior to the Full Moon.

On an emotional level, the tides of feelings may also rise during the days leading up to the brightest Moon of the year. Tune into your feelings during these critical days (February 17, 18, and 19). Remain aware of your triggers, and try to stay away from provocative situations. If you do happen to be triggered, step back, take a deep breath, and try to see the situation from a distant perspective and from multiple perspectives—before reacting from your own personal perspective to avoid jumping to highly subjective conclusions. On a Full Moon, when emotional energy runs high, objectivity goes out the window. Fortunately, perspective, impartiality, and equanimity will gradually return in the few days following the Tuesday, February 19, 2019, Full Moon SuperMoon. 


Virgo Moon & Pisces Sun

The February 19 Full Moon SuperMoon also occurs just hours after the Earth moves into the constellation of Pisces. Therefore, the Sun will be located in the very first degree of Pisces and the Moon will be located in the very first degree of Virgo. Celestial bodies traversing the very first degrees of a constellation bring with them an upswing of the energy and enthusiasm of the constellation they are entering. In this case, the Pisces Sun will impart the energy of spirituality and surrender to the Divine. The Full Moon in Virgo will impart the energy of earthly precision and perfection. 

The Virgo Moon is associated with physical healing, organization, and a striving toward completion. The Pisces Sun represents compassion, imagination, creativity, opening to transcendent experiences, an open-endedness, and essentially, drawing outside of the lines. Virgo on the other hand, while also healing and seeking improvements, looks for everything to have definition and to be within the lines. If everything is not where it’s “supposed to be," then there is a tendency toward criticism due to  lack of “perfection."

The Full Moon always represents an opportunity to balance and find harmony between two opposing forces, because the Sun and Moon are at opposite points on the ecliptic around the Earth. Full Moons open opportunities for relationships because they represent the balance between complementary opposites.


What Can You Do To Prepare For The SuperMoon?

To prepare for this polarity between earthly “perfection” and heavenly “transcendence,” take a look at the polarities in your own life. Consider ways in which you may be critical of those areas of your life that are not meeting your earthly expectations. Try to stand back and evaluate these situations from a higher, spiritual perspective. Who said things were “supposed to be” a certain way? What will happen if you don’t judge a person or a situation a “certain” way? Can you accept the natural state of affairs the way they are? Conversely, where have you become too lax, accepting the status quo where improvements could be easily made? What healing do you need to do that you have been postponing? 

Your mission at the time of this Full Moon SuperMoon is to find a balance between your loving, all-accepting spiritual nature and the physical, practical necessities of your daily life. Do you have to alphabetize your spice rack right now, or can you take 20 minutes out of your day to meditate and concentrate on your higher self, your soul, and the God within you? Do you have to criticize your partner or your child for leaving the lights on, or can you pray for this person and send them etheric light? Are you going to walk on the grass because you are in a hurry or chop down a tree because it’s in your way, or are you going to smell the fragrance of nature and appreciate its oxygen-providing, nurturing properties? 

All of these daily decisions represent the polarity between Pisces and Virgo, energies that will be front and center stage under the Full Moon SuperMoon on February 19. Wake up, smell the coffee, and maybe even clean the coffee pot under the influence of the Virgo Moon on the morning of February 19. But then go outside and take a moment to smell the roses under the Pisces Sun, remembering the bigger picture, and the Creator of the coffee—and the roses.


Have a blessed Full Moon—and SuperMoon!