Healing Journeys: An Intro To Tarot Card Readings

My Tarot session with Dr. Richard E. Reich-Kuykendall was short, but it was anything but ephemeral.  In other words, what we discussed in that brief session has stuck with me far longer than nuggets of advice wrested from much longer conversations with others.  As Richard turned over each card and explained to me its meaning, as well as its reverse/upside-down meaning, a “knowingness” popped into my head for each card—it was as though as each card was revealed to me by Richard, its relevance to my current path was simultaneously revealed to me (in my head/heart, of course).


Lest this be confused with confirmation bias or me seeking specific answers, let me clarify that at least one of the things “brought to my attention” by the cards was a personal issue that is years-old for me, and one I considered myself “done” with (or worked through, or however you want to categorize it—the point is, it wasn’t something I had been ruminating on recently).  So yes, the specifics of what each card suggested was important, but the most revelatory thing to me was a reminder from my Self that I already have the answers, and if I trust myself and I am quiet enough to listen, She will tell me what I need to know.  A Tarot session with a trusted reader can create the space for you to listen to your Self—especially if you have trouble tapping into those messages on your own.


See a video of Jen's reading here.