Careful Plans & Prayers Manifest Success At Virgo New Moon Aug 30

A collection of 5 planets in the earth sign of Virgo will grace the skies at the Virgo New Moon on August 30. This rare collection of 5 planets in one sign—also squaring beneficial Jupiter while opposing spiritual Neptune—portends a collective quest for perfection with spiritual solace as the optimal solution. With manifestation-oriented Saturn and transformative Pluto also in the earth sign of Capricorn and innovative Uranus in the earth sign of Taurus at the New Moon as well, there will be a collective push for manifesting results and positive outcomes, too.

When concrete results don’t immediately manifest under the spiritualizing influences of Jupiter and Neptune, the options will be to either make up a story that will make you feel better, and perhaps convince others as well, about things being the way you would like them to be. Or, the other option is to start your spiritual practices such as meditation, affirmations, visualization, and prayer to mobilize spiritual protection. These spiritual tools will help you much more easily manifest your cherished goals! 

The 5-planet line-up in Virgo forms a T-square alignment with Jupiter and Neptune (meaning 2 square angles, or 3 legs of a 4-legged grand cross)—plus a grand trine (a triangle) of earth sign planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto)—portend a marriage of spirituality with material manifestation.

Under the late August-early September celestial influences, the desire to perfect what you manifest will be strong—and so will the obstacles to physical manifestation unless you invoke the support of spiritual energies. In this case, spiritual energies means calling on invisible spiritual forces that sometimes are ignored when one focuses exclusively on material goals to the exclusion of, well, God. With a human-divine partnership, you will be able to create the reality that you desire (not a story, fantasy, or product of your imagination)!

Planetarily speaking, 8 of the 10 known celestial bodies will be in earth signs from late August to mid-September. These include the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the earth sign of Virgo; innovative Uranus in the earth sign of Taurus; and disciplined Saturn and transformative Pluto in the earth sign of Capricorn. These intense earth energies will increase the need to convert ideas held in the mind into physical form. The ideas will be innovative, and will have been brewing in the collective consciousness for a long period of time. But, with expansive Jupiter in the fire sign of Sagittarius and spiritual Neptune in the water sign of Pisces, you will need to deploy your higher mind to project your thoughts into the ethers to join with spirit—before the ideas will take shape in physical reality.

The alignment of 5 planets in Virgo will have its greatest impact on the day of the Virgo New Moon—August 30, 2019. Then, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will all be in the Sign of the Virgin. Next, the Sun and Mars will exactly conjoin each other in Virgo on September 2, 2019. Following the Sun-Mars conjunction, Mercury will exactly conjoin Mars and the Sun in Virgo on September 3, 2019. These will be powerful days of manifestation—when your thoughts and higher mind are aligned with the direction you are going!

The energy will lighten up a bit and we will turn our collective mind toward relationships rather than work accomplishments when Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces on September 4, 2019. When communicative Mercury in Virgo squares lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius on September 6, 2019—and the Sagittarius Moon joins Jupiter in Sagittarius 9 minutes later on September 6, 2019—you will feel a burst of enthusiasm, optimism, spiritual strength, and faith. The next day, on September 7, 2019, Mercury opposes Neptune, which will enable you to step back and see the big picture—and feel the availability of spiritual support. The Mercury-Neptune alignment may cause a bit of earthly confusion. But when the Sun squares Jupiter on September 8, 2019, all will be forgiven and all will ultimately work out for the best. The first week of September will be quite intense and busy!

Get ready for the idealistic-realistic tensions of the planetary alignments in Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, combined with the manifestation-oriented energies of Taurus and Capricorn by setting your sights now on what you would like to create. But don’t drop the ball there. Make careful plans and obtain full information. Only the most realistic goals will come to fruition under this T-square-plus-grand-trine astrological alignment. And even then, only those goals that are in alignment with the highest good of your spiritual self will have the greatest chance for lasting success. So, add a dose of prayer to your plans, feeling your alliance with the Divine, for the most positive outcome.

Also beware that under the Virgo New Moon your imagination and fantasies will be strong. So, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure to check your facts, and confirm your intuitions with others. Everyone’s perspectives may be a little distorted under the influence of dreamy Neptune. Yet, when you or others go to the level of your intuition, your higher self and your soul, you will achieve the clarity you are seeking.