The Beauty of Rose Water

In Ayurveda, the Science of Life, rose water is essential and used as both a medicine and a beauty treatment to balance the doshas and maintain youth. The beauty of the rose has long been appreciated and utilized as a symbol of love and healing. There are few women who do not adore receiving gifts of the rose and rose water is a gorgeous method by which to reap the benefits of the glorious rose, year round.

Traveling in India I was delighted to find the taste of rose in many Indian sweets, along with milk and pistachios. I had always loved the rose, but had never considered eating it. Later I came upon a rose jam which was literal icing on the cake of my love affair with roses. For even the taste of this delightful flower will help to calm anger, balance the heart and bring connectivity to both joy and unconditional love within the heart and between people.

Rose water splashed on the face is a quick, thorough way to cleanse oneself of negativity and create a field of healing and positive intent. It is also perfect for balancing the pH of the skin and is a fantastic remedy during the summer heat, or any “hot” moment – physically or emotionally – to really cool things down and create the vibration of harmony.

In Ayurveda, roses are known to balance an over Pitta-condition, while at the same time helping to maintain the inner fires – such as digestive fires – known as Agni. The Buta Agni, or “Spiritual Fires” are also maintained with a regular dose of rose water or rose in any form. Just as love and passion in relationships are easily kept afire by the giving of roses, so too does the use of the essence of rose assist the body in maintaining inner fires as well as a balance with all the other elements.

While I was pregnant with my first child I used to apply a combination of rose oil and frankincense oil in an almond oil base, regularly, to my skin in order to prevent stretch marks and keep my whole field vibrationally high and “charged.” I have no doubt this regular practice kept me in good spirits and maintained incredible elasticity in my skin. Beyond any “surface” benefits of rose, it is also known to help activate any latent qualities hiding in dormant DNA as well as healing DNA that has been negatively affected. 

Rose petals in the bath are a picture of relaxation and delight, but did you know that literally bathing with rose water or rose petals in your tub will raise your vibration, balance your doshas and deliver you into a spiritually strong state capable of accessing deeper wisdom, abundance and rejuvenation? It's true. Cleopatra used to bathe in rose petals to “stay beautiful” and strong. There is nothing like a rose-laden bed for health and beauty.

Each of the 3 main Ayurvedic Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, also have sub-doshas which are responsible for various specific functions of the body. A sub-dosha of Pitta, termed the Sadhaka Pitta, is responsible for the balance of emotions and how they affect the heart. Rose water, in particular, helps to balance this sub-dosha and soothe the body in the way it responds emotionally to situations, including those deeply concerning the heart. 

As one of the highest frequency oils on the planet (320 hz), rose oil is a potent “game-changer” when you are feeling down or immune-compromised. Since the normal body vibrates around 60 hz, incorporating rose oil into your reality can drastically change the way you feel and act. Rose water simply sprayed on the face, body, or in food can help to bring calm and relief where once there was anxiety.

Rose made into a poultice with other herbs like sandalwood has been used to soothe burns. Placed into a mortar, the petals of roses along with some raw honey and saffron make an incredible face mask. So amazing are the benefits of rose for the skin, enhancing youth, and lending a glow, that only rose can inspire.

There are so many uses and ways to enjoy the incredible, potent, healing power of rose and rose water, one could write an entire book on the subject. If you love roses, but have never expanded your experience with them beyond the long stem or vase, now is the time to explore and discover all that roses have to offer. From the dining table to the bath, both inside and out, rose water and rose oil are your new best friends for spiritual evolution, youth and well-ness on every level. Time to rose-up!