The bitter, woody taste of Red Reishi is filled with a history of longevity and well-being. Known as Lihn Zhi, it is an ancient Chinese herbal mushroom that has been praised for vitality. Considered to be the “mushroom of immortality,” reishi has a long history of medicinal uses. While the mushroom has been boiled and eaten in meals such as soups, it is most commonly found in the form of extracts, teas, and herbal supplements. So what is it about the Red Reishi that makes it highly sought after?

Protect From Tumors

Red Reishi contains the active ingredient polysaccharide. When tumors threaten cells, polysaccharides kick into action. These powerful water-soluble nutrients combat tumors and prevent cells from mutating.

Battle Cancer

Triterpenes set Red Reishi apart from its fellow mushrooms. Responsible for the bitter flavor, they are a wonderful compound when it comes to battling cancer. Containing anti-cancer properties, they strike when cells are under attack by fighting the metastasis of cancerous cells.

Aid the Liver in Detoxification

The liver works hard to eliminate nasty toxins. Aiding in digestion and overall health, it’s nice to do our liver a favor and give it a boost. Red Reishi has been proven to help the liver out by increasing cell regeneration and improving functioning.

Keep the Immune System Happy

A healthy immune system leads to a longer life expectancy. The immune system boosting properties of Red Reishi are part of the reason why they are praised for vitality. The mushroom contains beta-glucans which are known for stimulating the immune system. By reducing signs of aging, beta-glucans may be to thank for the popularity of this mushroom.

While Red Reishi may not promise immortality, it certainly doesn't shorten the life span. With its astounding ability to fight disease, one can see why it is praised as the mushroom of immortality.

Photo Credit: "Red Reishi" by Herbert Baker is licensed under CC BY 2.0