Herbal Healing: Uva Ursi

Using Uva Ursi for Magnificent Kidneys and the Release of Fear

The kidneys are often under-rated organs. They are the great detoxifiers of the body and help the body to release all that could not be used by the cells, which were then disposed of through the body's extensive lymph system. Every cell takes in nutrients from the bloodstream, which comprises around twenty percent of the area touching the cells, and then every cell releases unwanted wastes into the lymph – comprising 80% of the rest of the area around the cells. Uva Ursi is an incredible herbal companion for keeping the kidneys healthy and clear as well as releasing the fears so often stored there, so the body can continue to do its job.

The lymph system and the kidneys work together as a team. Without the kidneys, the lymph could not properly dispose of the wastes picked up from the cells of the body. Since the lymph system does not have muscles which move it, we must do our part to stretch, bounce and massage the lymph so the toxins riding in this amazing system can flush out of the body. Because the kidneys have such an important job in releasing the lymphatic wastes, it is crucial this organ set -- along with its companion organ, the bladder – is kept in optimum health and wellness for the job.


Uva Ursi is one of those herbs that has been depended upon throughout history, long before modern medicine and the use of allopathic antibiotics. Naturally, this herb contains antibiotic properties which assist in treating urinary tract infections, for starters. It is also an excellent herb for over-all health of the cells as it assists in wound healing and healthy cell-growth It boasts anti-tumor properties, and it is anti-viral and anti-fungal as well as being an excellent diuretic, assisting to release excess water from the cells.

Emotionally Speaking

Since Uva Ursi has such a specifically beneficial effect on both the kidneys and bladder, emotionally, this herb can support these organs with feelings such as blame, dread, fear, horror, conflict, feelings of creative insecurity and terror that are so often held in the kidneys and bladder. By using Uva Ursi with intention and attention to assist the body in releasing fears and conflict within, one can find that the discomforts and ailments of these organs are also relieved.

Further Glories of this Herb

Uva Ursi specifically assists in neutralizing acids in the urine that irritate and cause infections. And though its benefits are indeed very beneficial to the kidneys and urinary tract, this herb is also famous for assisting in the detoxification of the liver, strengthening of the heart, relieving of headaches and fighting of viruses such as herpes, cold sores and the like.

Uva Ursi can also assist:


Yeast infection



Heart conditions

Fungal infections

Bladder issues



Bloating and PMS

E. Coli

High blood pressure




Cuts and scrapes

Tissue repair


Tissue strengthening

Emotional strength


Energy cultivation

Heart conditions

Heart and 3rd chakra support

Weight loss

Uva Ursi is a strong remedy for the kidneys and the bladder to assist the body in the detoxification of the lymphatic system, which is implicated in nearly every condition of acidity and organ dysfunction. By using this amazing herb with care and respect, you can reap the rewards of working with Mother Nature and tuning into the body's inherent healing capacity which also helps build a connection and opening to the vital centers of the body -- specifically the heart and third chakras.

To enhance the use of this herb, use with crystals such as Malachite, Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye and Riverstone. Use meditation to visualize the health of the system in question and affirm the strength of the organs involved with words such as:

It is safe for me to grow up and to accept the life I have created. I release the old and welcome the new. My kidneys efficiently eliminate the old poisons of my mind. I now choose the thoughts that create my world; therefore, I accept everything in my world as perfect. My emotions are stabilized in love. I love and appreciate my beautiful kidneys.” (from “Love Your Body” by Louise L. Hay)

Overall, and in every case, thank the spirit of the plant you are using for its assistance in re-aligning you with health and wellness and affirm daily your choice and intention to stand in the authentic truth of who you are as a Divine being incarnate. Uva Ursi is yet just another one of nature's tools that can help banish fears and physical manifestations of illness and support you and me in living the life we were born to live.

Photo Credit: "Kinnikinnik" by Ed Ogle is licensed under CC BY 2.0