Stepping Into The Realm Of Potentiality

The meeting of human potential is crucial to the survival and proliferation of our species, and we partake in this movement through optimizing our state of perception as individuals.

The manner in which we rightly impact society directly correlates to the extent to which we move towards the fulfilling of our own potential. In other words, to elicit our “best selves” is to make the world a better place.

How might we accomplish this? How might we step into the realm of our own potentiality?

It is embedded in our very nature to move towards self-actualization. The meeting of our highest potential is entrenched in our very programming, and thereby we need only get out of the way of this organic expansion.

Our nature is not something we must enforce, rather it something we need only allow for.


The Power Of Perception

The human brain is a perfect mechanism of perception. There is nothing particularly “the matter” with it, but when we capitulate to self-ideation, give credence to the egoic mind, surely the wiring comes to be tampered with.

So, when we empower this conceptualized sense of self, this sense of being inherently separate from everything else, we remove ourselves from the natural manifestation of consciousness, detaching ourselves from the natural trajectory towards human ingenuity and development.

The ego is that which stands between us and the meeting of our highest potential. It acts as such because it presents us with a false narrative of who we are, a maligned and fundamentally pain-driven story of “me.”

The egoic mind is ultimately a mechanism of delusion, in that it is fueled almost solely by the imagination rather than by any kind of intrinsic actuality.

We might only begin to meet our deepest potential through stepping outside of this false narrative, transcending all conceptualized identity, and dissolving the phantom self—and we accomplish this through aligning ourselves with the immediacy of felt experience.


The Present Moment

When our state of perception is wholly grounded in the now, the present moment, we come to move in accordance with our truest nature, and herein we invariably move towards self-manifestation, the materialization of our innate potential.

Stepping into the realm of potentiality is rather simple, but it is so utterly simple that we often gloss over it. All we need really “do,” so to speak, is allow for the natural unveiling of our own innate capacities, our own inherent agency.

We already know how it is we ought to be, how to express ourselves most fully and wholeheartedly, how to meet our highest potential; it is merely a matter of tapping into this inner knowledge, and we achieve this through coming to wholly embody the present moment.

Bring the entirety of your awareness to the stark immediacy of what simply is, and from there you will inexorably step into the realm of potentiality.