Birthstone Series: Leo and the Lion's Gate with Gold and Tiger's Eye

Imagine walking a yellow brick road made of gold and flickering tiger’s eye crystals through arching doorways lined with Lions. This is the vibration of the astrological sign of Leo as we enter into the month of August every year, ferocious and fierce -- however this year dials it up a notch.

We have entered into annually one of the most potent times of the calendar. The passage of the sun into the sign of Leo is a powerful time which is always highlighted by some other key events (such as the earth’s proximity to Sirius), amplifying the energies of this month even more, but this year, due to the appearance of a total solar eclipse in Leo, we are wrangling cosmic energies of epic proportion. By tuning into tiger’s eye and the metal gold, we can ride the high potency of Leo into the sunset of our adventurous dreams with much more support and guidance, feeling grounded into the limelight of our lives, in which we were meant to shine.

Of What New Energies Do I Speak?

Recently, July experienced a new moon in Leo on the 27th, which dropped us into the Leo vibration even more completely with both the moon and the sun standing side by side in the constellation of personal power. In yoga, the body’s energy systems and nadis (how the energy flows) are described as the solar and the lunar forces (Pingala and Ida). Even the term “hatha” in hatha yoga refers to “sun and moon” and the process of bringing them together to unite the poles of masculine and feminine within is the “yoga” (to yoke/unite) part. The recent new moon was the first meeting this month of sun and moon in Leo, but it is not the last. August carries a rare dark moon with a second new moon in the same sign -- Leo -- this next one falling on the exact day as the total solar eclipse -- potent stuff. Eclipses are said to multiply all spiritual work by 1000 times, at least.

In between these powerful new moons, which ask our body’s energies to marry in harmonious union, is what is termed “the Lion’s Gate” on the 8th of August. This is the 8-8 portal, where the eight also represents infinity and the movement of left to right and right to left (union of masculine and feminine). The center of the eight is like the center of an hourglass where two opposing realities meet, or where diverse perceptions find common ground. The 8-8 is also when the Star Sirius (a star that is incredibly larger than our own sun, known as the spiritual sun of our galaxy) aligns with Earth and the Galactic Center, giving us a Divine infusion to assist us in integration of our full selves.


To say this is a potent month is putting it mildly. Leo and gold are on the same energetic vibration without a doubt. Because of this, gold is one of the best vibrational assistants you can call upon this month to raise your vibration and get you resonating with the highest potential possible during this epic season. Solid gold as well as monoatomic gold are both suitable allies for this transit. Wearing gold jewelry and purchasing gold can assist in upleveling your frequency and helping you to reap the joyous benefits of what Leo is here to roar into your life and the world.

Monoatomic gold is a pre-metal and exists in soil and spring water as what has been termed “consciousness elements.” By ingesting these elements, one’s consciousness adjusts to magnetize more refined experiences and thought forms. I highly recommend consuming some liquid gold (ORMUS) during this time, if you can get your hands on a quality source. (My Source: )

The frequency of gold itself is very high and when placed in the body’s field it raises the vibration to one more resonant with not only health and wellbeing, but receptivity to higher guidance and what one might term “Christ Consciousness.” By many, gold is referred to as a Master Healer and it has the capacity to help one to activate their soul potential, especially when coupled with this powerful symphony of heavenly energies.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s eye is a stone which activates and supports the third chakra in the belly. It helps us to tune into personal power, motivation, and empowerment. Where we aren’t feeling as confident, Tiger’s eye lends its gorgeous rings as stepping stones in our psyche, to radiate out vibrationally and attract in the help we need. By keeping a piece of golden tiger’s eye in your pocket this month, the waves of change can be received with strength and surety. This stone also activates the third chakra and helps to clear it of any lower vibrations, amping up the health of the gut and digestive functions so that new energies can be digested with ease.

This golden striped stone also brings protection to the wearer, which, this month, could be an essential element to pencil into your healing and expansion journey. Fear is also more easily dispelled with the help of tiger’s eye which is catalyzed by this stone’s ability to help balance out the masculine and feminine energies of the body, for when we are more harmonious within it is easier to face our environment and the changes happening there.

To assist in being able to see one’s own needs and weigh them against the needs of others is one of the strong qualities tiger’s eye offers. This is especially helpful at this time in the collective where so many are focused on the self, and yet community and the larger whole are in such a space where group consideration is definitely a high priority.

Bringing both tiger’s eye and gold together in your tool box this month will give you a heightened advantage for dealing with the shifting that is bound to occur in your reality as a result of the potency of Leo taking the stage. Gold assists any other stone coupled with it in stabilizing and enhancing its effects. So when working with gold and tiger’s eye, the ability to balance and harmonize is multiplied exponentially.  Even if you are unable to acquire these allies in the physical, tuning into them through invocation will assist your field in dealing more calmly with what this month is ushering through. By having tiger’s eye and gold in your pocket you are granted a vibrational leg-up and may feel a sense of divine intervention on your behalf as you traverse the challenges of the month.

If you have strong Leo in your charts you are likely to notice the heavy-hitting energies a bit more than others. Therefore, tiger’s eye and gold will come in especially handy to you. If, however, you would like to access more of what Leo has to offer and to still surf the coming waves with grace, these elemental talismans will help you do just that.