Essential Oils For Consciousness: Geranium & Open Chakras

Breathing in a waft of heady geranium essential oil can be a scent only truly appreciated by the cultivated sniffer. Its fragrance challenges one to dig under the surface of the traditional floral notes and sit with the discomfort geranium assists one in facing. In my opinion, geranium is a scent for the both the mature nose and the mature heart and here’s why I think that is:

When you are young you imagine the world to be sweet, like grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies and that tight-knit family on evening television. You can’t imagine your first love doing anything that would hurt you—innocence fills the air, and vulnerability, the heart. To me, this innocent heart resonates with the scent of ylang ylang and sweet orange, young and free, sweet and pure, uplifting and kind. But not geranium. The ability to appreciate the deep, almost bitter, scent of geranium comes from having endured the heartaches and broken dreams of maturity. When you realize that life is both kind and not kind, honest and often deceiving, both bitter and sweet.

Using geranium essential oil can help you to get through the deepest heartbreaks and to find the sweet depth of your ability to love, even after notes of betrayal, harshness, or shame. In fact, I believe the most valuable reasons to use geranium essential oil for consciousness is the benefit it has on helping you to love yourself. Geranium’s scent challenges the emotional body to love the entire package, to not wish the fragrance be anything but exactly as it is presenting.

Physically, geranium oil has been shown to increase the body’s ability to detox, so on a metaphysical level geranium oil can also assist us in removing harmful thoughts or emotions which keep us from accessing the truth of who we are. It motivates the urinary tract to release fluids which carry out toxins from the lymphatic system. It can also trigger us to let go of emotional and mental baggage which can stagnate our relationships and block feelings of connection and love.

Geranium essential oil is a mature scent for an expanding consciousness. It opens pathways in the mind and senses to reach greater depth and more profound stability within one’s self and in one’s surroundings. If you are feeling disconnected from life or if the pains of relationship or world matters are making you feel heavy and disempowered, geranium essential oil can come in under waves of sadness or despair and help you to find the uplifting courage of deeper grace. It is the balm of forgiveness and the bond renewal.

Geranium for Endocrine Glands & Chakras

It is well known that geranium can help balance female hormones and is often reached for in cases of PMS and menstrual relief, but did you know that using geranium essential oil can also balance the entire endocrine gland system? That’s right—using geranium in diluted form over the chakra points can balance the associating endocrine glands, which helps in the regulation of hormonal release as well as assisting the chakras in keeping the energy body in harmony.

Yogis can benefit from the regular use and application of geranium essential oil to assist the chakras in opening and clearing of debris which affects consciousness. When the chakras are blocked or not fully functioning they can detrimentally affect the hormonal system of the body by suppressing the endocrine glands. Since yoga is focused on bringing balance to the body, which includes the balancing of the endocrine glands and the opening of chakras, geranium essential oil is a fantastic accompaniment to your spiritual and physical practice.

Meditation is also greatly assisted through the use of geranium oil over the third eye and crown chakra center as it has been found to balance the brain and help to increase awareness in the mind. Because of its balancing effect on the mind, geranium is also helpful to relieve depression, anxiety, and other challenges of an imbalanced mental state. By using geranium essential oil regularly one can be brought into an overall state of abiding bliss as it supports authentic expression and full-body balance.

Geranium & the Heart Chakra

Specifically, geranium essential oil helps us to open and connect with the greater capacity of our heart chakra. With an open and uninhibited Anahata Chakra we have access to self-love, compassion, and self-healing. When our hearts are nurtured by this gorgeous fragrance we can more easily let go of judgments, angers, and resentments, and find ourselves in the experience of unconditional love—both within and without.

Try some geranium essential oil and connect to your mature heart, to mental peace, and to a physical body that can navigate the ups and downs of life with greater ease and consciousness.