Capricorn New Moon: Innovation For All The Right Reasons

Capricorn New Moon—Jan. 16, 2018

The first New Moon of 2018 symbolizes a fresh new beginning and sets the tone for the entire year! New Moons are always about setting our intentions for the goals we want to accomplish for the month. The planets offer us energies to use to help us along the way and open our awareness of the possibilities we can create.

Looking at the chart below, we have no doubt that the tone of this year is about achievement. With Sun and Moon in Capricorn, both our conscious desires and our unconscious needs align with ambition and goal orientation. The Capricorn goat is practical, efficient, responsible, and organized in order to get to the top.

The Sabian Symbol for each degree of a sign always fascinates me. The symbol for 27 degrees Capricorn is A Mountain Pilgrimage. Marc Edmund Jones writes that a mountain pilgrimage is a symbol of “ascending inner & spiritual consciousness in complete harmony with all the highest ideals and values developed by mankind.” He equates this to “total reconciliation of mind and heart in an unquestioned devotion to a worth-while task at hand.” Keywords: perseverance, up-reaching.

Why do people choose to go on a quest or set goals? Knowing why you choose to do things is important. This involves an inner exploration first. We feel something deeply inside when we focus on an important goal. What is that thing inside that is being touched? And what will be healed or solved when we achieve our goal? Why you feel what you feel and where those feeling come from tell us a lot about whether achieving the external result will provide us the inner reward we are looking for. Sextiles (opportunity) with Mars/Jupiter in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces remind us of exactly that. Mars and Jupiter give us the passion for self-exploration. Chiron wants us to find the missing piece within ourselves, in order to achieve ecstasy (total connection with our Higher Self/Source).

Once you know and understand why you want to set after a goal it’s important to see the beauty in the project and to be able to visualize it going harmoniously and according to procedure (conjunction with Venus).

Like any mountain adventure, planning is imperative. Knowing that challenges can come up should prompt you to think carefully about your new enterprise. Consider consulting a guide or someone with mastery who understands the procedure and how to reach your goal. (Saturn conjunct Mercury in Capricorn).

Pluto’s conjunction with this New Moon shows us the power and magnitude of the endeavor. We understand that we might have to persevere though great pain to reach our goal. Pluto is considered purifying because her function is to strip away all that is false and unreal, leaving only that which is real and eternal. She promises authentic connection to Source if we are willing to do the work.

Enter Uranus—the planet of new ideas and endless possibilities for change! With Uranus square Sun & Moon we can expect disruptions to our comfortable patterns and routines, changes to the way we handle things and strong feelings of freedom to be ourselves. Uranus steps us over the threshold of the unknown.

Because we are completely breaking rank from the routine of the past we can often get anxious later and question what we’re doing and wonder if we’ve entered the realms of delusion (semisquare Neptune in Pisces). But we have to imagine the bliss of perfection before we can invent a new way of doing things.

For 24 years I owned my own business. Being a Capricorn Moon & Ascendant, I was very organized, efficient, and consistent with the operations that were successful. As the business grew there would be bottlenecks of inefficiency that would activate my ingenuity to create a solution. I had to imagine what the perfect solution would look like. Inevitably I would have to delegate the task to someone else and allow a new flow to the operation. I created a space for someone else to grow, create, and innovate. The universe was expanded even if ever so slightly.

This month allow your goals to inspire you. Have the courage to dream big and explore why you want your goal and what inner quest will be reached. Do all the practical things necessary but then ask for the magic of an ingenious and creative idea. Imagine perfection and let go to see what happens next!