Andrea Bryant

Andrea Bryant


From a very early age, Andrea has been fascinated with the metaphysical. Early on, it was contained by what was available to her: catholic doctrine and travel to distant lands (her mother was a travel agent). Andrea remembers looking at magnificent churches, cathedrals and mosques with wonder, excitement and imagination, her whole body filled with heightened sensitivity for any bit of esoteric knowledge to be imparted upon her. She was officially an energy junkie!

Later on, Andrea pursued economics and finance as a practical foundation, but always found the time to continue her spiritual quest through a variety of sources. With astrology, and a touch of astro-theology, the whole world started to make sense. Andrea has developed an eclectic blend of various astrological teachings, healing techniques and conventional studies to bring a much needed practical application to her work. 

Today, she's a soul-centered astrologer who is passionate about helping every individual realize their full potential. Andrea is thrilled to guide others to see the divinity within, and to use the unique gifts of their chart to be the confident pioneers on their own journey of life.    

A Brief Moment With Andrea Bryant

Q: Describe yourself in three words:

A: Empowerment through self-knowledge OR Evolving by Awareness 

Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: Empowerment through self-knowledge and Evolving by Awareness

I am passionate about sharing the ancient wisdom of astrology in a practical way that gives people the tools to heal and access the best part of themselves. They can, then, steer their life in a way that helps them feel attuned both inwardly and outwardly. The Age of Aquarius is the age of humanitarian service but that can only be achieved when one is aligned with who they soulfully are and living it courageously.

Q: What is unique to you about your work?

A: What is unique about my work is that I encourage people to place a great deal of emphasis on inner values. At a time when society places so much focus on material success or fame, I encourage people to pay attention to what’s going on inside. What are the personal values that fulfill the soul? For without paying attention to what’s really important, you may find yourself outwardly successful but inwardly empty.

Q: Where do you see earth/humanity going in the next ten years?

A: As we enter the age of Aquarius there will be more awareness and urge for conscious humanitarian service to people, animals and the planet. Aquarius is associated with concrete knowledge and intellect. So the question will be “how can we use that knowledge for the benefit of all? “ Aquarius asks us to express love through the intellect.  Every age has its positive and negatives. In order to have the best outcomes in the age of Aquarius we need to balance it with the opposing energy of Leo. Leo has a strong sense of self and knows her creative self-expression is an expression of divinity itself. A soul-centered Leo desires to shine/illuminate via her soul. Aquarius wants to be of service to the whole, but we can’t eliminate the individual identity. I predict there will be many in government that want to make a one-size-fits-all decision for everyone, but as I said, this will not bring out the best aspects of Aquarius.

Q: What do you fear/or what are your blocks? 

A: Fear, for me, is not aligning with my souls purpose and living up to my fullest potential .

Q: What is fear to you? What do your clients fear/or what are their blocks? How do you help clients or other conscious beings, including earth herself? What is healing/freedom? How do we get healing/freedom?

A: Fear is the result of a feeling that you won’t get what you need. It is associated with the water element, emotions and the moon. The water element is emotional. Its’ focus is on inner values as opposed to outer rewards. The moon is a store house for all your emotional memories and impressions from all your life experiences from the moment odivf birth. This storage can be pictured as a vast deep ocean within the psyche. The deep ocean currents represent you needs, desires and fears.

Everyone has the water element in their chart. The house cusps on cancer, scorpio and pisces show which areas of their life someone will need to turn inward to how we feel about things. Fears will arise when people feel their needs aren’t being met. Blocks will arise when people resist change.

Astrology helps validate an individual’s unconscious behavior as simply an expression of all those stored up emotional memories. Oftentimes people try to cover up or deny their behavior. This is called the shadow aspect (like the side of the moon we don’t see). I encourage people, through astrology, to look at their emotions, as a way of seeing they are just expressions of taking care of ourselves. When we were children, we handled situations we had no control over and we put those in our storage banks and use them unconsciously. Now we can look at the situations we were put in with compassion and understanding. Face them, feel into them and love them for the tools that helped us survive. The result is a tremendous feeling of self-love, empowerment and the ability to make different choices from that point on.

Marji, at this point I thought we could have a discussion about tomorrow's (Sunday Feb 26 @ 7AM Pacific Time) new moon solar eclipse.

Q: Andrea, what is happening today and why is it important?

A: Today have a New Moon Solar Eclipse, at 8 degrees Pisces. 

Our last eclipse was Feb 11 and it was a full moon lunar eclipse. Eclipses are important for several reasons. 1) Energies of eclipses last for 5 to 6 months. The degrees of the eclipses will be sensitive degrees for the next 5 months.  2) They represent areas of crisis. Meaning, they show up to show us what crisis is happening and how we can focus our conscious attention to resolve the problem.

In today’s solar eclipse, the moon passes between the sun and the earth, blocking out the light of the sun for a short period of time. We can interpret this as our subconscious nature (moon) is shadowing our conscious expression of self (sun). In other words, our emotions and shadow side need to be reckoned with if we want our true self to fully shine. If you have a planet that is being aspected by the eclipse then it will get involved in the theme of that eclipse.

Q: So what is the "theme" of tomorrow's eclipse?

A: A New Moon is a symbolic point of attention, and a symbolic portal for new beginnings. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you'd like to create, develop, cultivate, make manifest.

The eclipse happens at 8 degrees Pisces. As a soul-centered astrologer I will explain the symbol of Pisces as the two fish, swimming in opposite directions, connected by a silvery chord at the center. The fish represent the duality of the soul and personality within man and the chord at the center is the heart. Jesus, who brought in the Piscean Age, was referred to as the Sacred Heart. The heart is the union between our Mystical Source and our human body. Pisces represents refined intuition, imagination and creativity, universal love and unity with everything and everyone. Pisces is variable water, so it is an emotional sign and receives information by feeling deeply.  All signs have a challenging aspect to them, and for Pisces this can be being hyper-sensitive, moody, changeable, and prone to self-pity and escapism (addictions).

So, the sky above is showing us what is needed in the world at this time and the work we need to start for our Piscean "true self" to shine. Pisces watery nature says we must tap into our feelings to access our mystical, spiritual nature of our soul and anchor it in our heart. The Moon says "wait a minute", first you've got to tap into, become conscious of, and feel the shadow side of your psyche that blocks this reality for you. So, we get hit with a double dose of emotional demands. This all happens at 8 degrees Pisces. 8 meaning success, abundance and power. So, if you're willing to go deep within your feelings and access what's holding you back and allow a real transformation to take place, you're guaranteed success!