Gemini New Moon: Connect, Communicate & Cultivate!

New Moon 22°44′ Gemini – June 13, 2018

A New Moon is Nature’s directive for each of us to expand upon our unique potential. It is up to us to review the energetic opportunity and decide to set an intention. 

When we think of growing up, many of us would put a relationship with at least one family member into the category of “challenging.” Sometimes, there is more than one in the family. Sometimes, we ourselves are the ones that are considered the problem. Frictions from long ago can unexpectedly resurface during family gatherings and when we feel least equipped to handle it. Patterns seem to repeat. Judgements about each member can seem as if they are etched in stone.


If there was ever a perfect time to rethink family dynamics this Gemini New Moon is it!  

June’s Energetic Opportunity 

The sign of Gemini is known for the characteristic of versatile intelligence. Geminis know how to readjust their thinking and communication style depending on the situation. Because they are curious they view all information as fascinating, without the need to judge it.

The sign of Cancer governs the energies most often associated with the “mother.” The focus is on nurturance, love, and creating a safe home.  Just like any good mother, her concerns about family ties, home, roots, and lineage tend to be emotional ones.

Mercury and the Moon are creating a coordinated partnership, by working in each other’s sign. What results is a blending of our mental and emotional nature. It’s a perfect opportunity to set an intention to approach old family dynamics with a new, more adaptable mindset. (New Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer)


Gemini Astrology Chart


The Challenge

There may be a tendency to stay rigid and stuck in old ways of thinking, which will only continue to limit the possibility of a better outcome. But there is also an opportunity to become an observer of yourself in a more conscious way, to become a master of your thoughts. Be aware of where your thinking is generating fear or negativity. By actively listening and communicating with the intention of having an open mind, you can understand others from their current viewpoint. If you can imagine that you are having a discussion with an old friend it may be easier to readjust your approach and be nimble in your thoughts.  (Mercury opposite Saturn)

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It’s not often that we get handed the gift of brilliant ideas, but when one comes we usually feel elated. We can thank the planet Uranus, in a cooperative aspect with Mercury, for adding a boost to our mental capacity. This will help us break free from old thought patterns and be open to see situations with fresh insights. (Mercury sextile Uranus)


During this New Moon we will be receiving the energies of Venus in Cancer. Venus represents beauty, harmony, and diplomacy and assists us in approaching the world in a fair and charismatic way. This energy attracts us to those with whom we have emotional bonds, making it easy to connect with people. It also strengthens the relationship we have with our own body and how comfortable it feels to be at home there. 

From my own past, I have noticed that when I am loving my life and deeply connected to walking my own path I have had to turn away from other people’s opinions.  This month may bring up challenges between those who mean well by offering advice, and feelings of not caring what others think. The grace of this month’s energies is that we can experience the beauty of how being adaptable in our interactions creates harmony in our relationships. (Venus & Mercury in Cancer, Venus square Uranus, Sun & Moon in Gemini)


The energy involved in this month’s New Moon provides a perfect opportunity to nurture stronger bonds in our personal and family relationships. Some of the ways we can foster familial ties are by listening to others attentively, hearing the meaning behind the words, and communicating with an open heart and mind. When we use the gift of Gemini we become adaptable in understanding many different points of view. No judgement needed. No one  way is right, as any Gemini can tell you.