Pisces New Moon: Breaking Through Our Limitations Using Imagination & Creativity

Pisces New Moon –  March 17, 2018 

A New Moon is a time to set intentions for what we’d like to see come to fruition by the time of the Full Moon. Having a better understanding of the luminary and planetary energies allows us to make better choices and helps ensure that our actions will provide the positive results we are looking for.

Dreams Can Come True 

The start of this lunar cycle is an opportunity to know yourself better by stretching into areas you haven’t gone into before. A New Moon in Pisces encourages us to use the energies outside of the measurable and knowable realm and use intuition and other types of messages to understand who we are.

Example Intention/Affirmation: “I am imaginative and creative. I welcome my dreams.”

Pisces represents connection with the etheric or spiritual realms. Many people call this energy Creator or God.  Connection is made through the subtle messages of emotions, dreams, imagination, and creativity. These signals seem to come from “the beyond,” the watery mists of the mystical. As the last sign of the zodiac Pisces is known for our reunification with the spiritual world after we surrender our physical body to this world. Christ represented the human form of Piscean energy in the form of divine love, compassion, and caring.

new moon march 2018 chart

Explore the Outer Dimensions of Yourself 

Jupiter is known as the planet for expansion. Its objective is knowledge and wisdom from one’s experiences. As of March 10, 2018, Jupiter turned retrograde. Retrograde motion turns Jupiter’s experience and subsequent wisdom inward by testing our faith. Scorpio energy adds intensity and passion. This month open yourself up for a passionate quest to understand your spiritual or philosophical nature in a deeper way by allowing emotions to be the vehicle for greater receptivity to messages. Also, expect guidance to come through dreams.  If you commit to your feelings and hold faith in a Higher Power you will be rewarded when Jupiter turns direct in July. New Moon trine Jupiter-R (Scorpio)

Bring on the Fire

The energy of Aries and its ruler Mars also plays a prominent role in this lunar cycle. Aries and Mars are known for bringing about leaders, adventurers, pioneers and explorers.

Adding Aries energy to Pisces gives us stronger motivation to explore and express the dimensions of dreams, ideals, and mysticism. This is a perfect combination to brainstorm the kind of action you must take in order for your dreams to take form. If you have a creative dream you would like to manifest call on the energies of Mars, the planet of passion and fire energy, to see it through. Mars Qunitile Neptune, Mars trine Uranus

Mars may also bring some frustration and conflict should you attempt overriding your feelings and instincts and use sheer willpower. Or you may try being indirect with your approach, leading to more passive-aggressive behavior. The fire of Mars and the water of Pisces heighten intuition and passion for the experience of cosmic unity. Sexuality may be a major focus of expression. Mars square Sun/Moon in Pisces.

Charging ahead with Sweet Communication

Harmonious and refined communication is a continuing theme for this month. A conjunction is an aspect that brings together the energies of the planets involved. Mercury rules how we process and communicate information. Venus rules love, beauty, and relationships. Together, this aspect brings out the best in the way we not only speak, but in our ability to hear the meaning behind what the other is saying. This month assists our skill to be better listeners and communicators. Mercury conjunct Venus (Aries)

Use Caution

Should you find it difficult to process all the information coming in at once and expressing it to others concisely then Saturn’s influence is making an impact on your mental mechanism. Saturn’s square can make it challenging to grasp new ideas while demanding hard choices at the same time. This would be a good time to exercise greater caution in making decisions, especially if you’re uncertain of the outcome. Saturn requires more structure to your thinking by slowing down your thoughts and concentrating only on what is significant. Now would also be a good time to overcome any tendencies toward fear-based thinking. Saturn square Venus/Mercury


This month’s New Moon in Pisces provides an opportunity to step over the threshold of the known world and explore the spiritual realms through dreams, creativity and imagination. Creative writing, poetry, art, music, and dance are just some of the many ways to connect with The Divine. All that is required is for you to set the intention and focus your attention to be imaginative and creative.