Healing Stones: Experience A Higher Love With Sugilite

In this moment I am wearing a bracelet made with Sugilite crystals and a few other supportive stones. The intention of this piece is to experience a “higher love”—and since placing it on my wrist I am noticing that my thoughts are definitely lifted up. It is as though the “lower octaves” of thought and feeling are gently side-stepped in order to allow a full engagement with “what else is possible” in both my mind and in my heart. This, I feel, helps me to escape, if you will, the human trappings and programs brought upon us through simple societal living. I feel, if I were living remotely on a tropical beach somewhere, that these elevated thoughts and emotions would be easier to access. Somehow, in an environment that teaches emotional insecurity and pessimism, my thoughtforms imagine that they would like to follow suit—even when my inherent divine understanding disagrees. Sugilite reconnects me to my natural way of being, and it asks me to do what is necessary—and to do it often—to access and remember this state.

The Colors of Sugilite

In the magical presentation of black mixed with shades of purple, maroon, violet, or pink, Sugilite is one of the most supportive stones of our time, enhancing the qualities of both spiritual truth as well as Infinite love. By choosing to work with a Sugilite crystal you are truly asking for the depths to be opened within you, and for inspiration beyond the material to flow through you like the nourishing waters of endless, eternal love.

Most Sugilite stones come with shades of violet or maroon swirling within a black background. The black speaks to the void, the abyss from which we all sprang. This void is the black hole of creation, an endless Source of potential awaiting our willingness to partake. The purples align one with the third-eye center, Ajna chakra, which grants us access to spiritual wisdom, insight, and vision which surpasses the material plane of existence. In stunning combination, these colors swirl in the manifest realm and serve us in the form of the Sugilite crystal, which wishes to do none other than elevate us beyond our mundane understanding of love and life. The vibration of this stone will invite you into the depths and unveil the heart of the divine feminine wishing to make herself known in your world.

Meditating with Sugilite

As a tool for meditation, Sugilite offers the ability for us to connect purely with Divine light and compassion and to bring it into our physical vehicles to be both experienced and anchored. The crown chakra feels especially touched by an encounter with Sugilite, followed by the third-eye/pineal gland, which also resonates with the purples found in this stone. Through sitting with sugilite the body is permeated with the original sound of creation—the OM. As this frequency is felt throughout the body temple it will respond usually by releasing that which no longer serves, as the vibrational upleveling of this stone is meant to do just that. Sugilite is this powerful. It propels the evolutionary process in the body by bringing the resonance field up to that of the violet flame—the spark of infinite and eternal transformation.

Within its sphere of influence, Sugilite crystals help to not only prepare the body/mind for inspiration, but actually open up a channel to receive desired wisdom. They align the heart chakra with the emotions conducive to higher love and divine companionship versus the romantic impulses and human trappings of emotional dysfunction. The violet to maroon shades in Sugilite serve to open the mind to what is occurring in the dream realms, to that which is truly being spoken behind the “seen” layers of reality, and to the depths of one’s own psychic vision wishing to make itself known.

My Own Experience with Sugilite

In my own experience, Sugilite has been incredibly influential to help bring awareness to my dreams—both sleeping and waking. It has inflated my ability to feel what is both being said to my soul and what my soul is wishing to speak into this world. I would describe it as a soul-calibration tool, as it assists in helping a person come into true, divine alignment with the most evolved version of self. This includes, but is not limited to, that in the realm of love and connection. In fact, this is one of the most powerful influences of Sugilite crystals. This stone helps us to align our truth with the love we feel and experience, so that they are one. For when we are able to do this, the influence we will have in the world will become exponential and unlimited by either mind or heart.

Automatic Writing with Sugilite

One way Sugilite can support us in living from a place of truth and elevated love is to place a piece of the stone next to us or in one hand and then to write whatever comes to mind. This process of what is called “automatic writing” is one favorite gift this stone offers. It does this through stimulating the mind to connect with both the heart as well as the high-heart and throat of the individual (responsible for one’s passion and one’s truth, respectively). The crown chakra is also stimulated, thereby setting up an inner current of self-love, inner alignment and divine connection. It is truly a humbling experience to feel these areas of the body link up so beautifully and simply. Sugilite is certainly a gift to encourage empowerment and confidence in one’s soul purpose expressing.

Here is a passage from one of my automatic writing sessions with Sugilite:

“I am tuning into Sugilite. Becoming aware of how I love, or how others might experience me loving. I am suddenly aware that how others experience my love may not be in alignment with what I know, either in my mind or in my heart, about love. Therefore, with the aid sugilite—in this moment—I am bringing my heart and mind into alignment and allowing this inner alignment to enact a deeper integration of both my awareness of perfect love and my expression/experience of it. I am becoming aware of another’s experience of love around me…this “higher” love is not only able to become detached—as with the third eye awareness—but also to become fully embodied in the physical…as expressed in the root and second chakra. “Higher love” then, is not higher, but rather “full” and comprised of the ability to connect with consciousness from every center of our bodies simultaneously.

Divine love, this full love I speak of, contains the full harmonic of frequencies as played through each chakra point, together. When all chakra notes are played together with another individual a harmonic resonance occurs which is akin to a song being played…and we hear this song in our souls. Sugilite helps attune us to the potential of playing this music with another by first fine tuning our individual chakras and then opening us to the experience of “listening” to another.”

I truly believe this crystal came into existence for this particular time we are living in. Sugilite is a companion stone for the evolution of humanity today as we walk through the portals of change into our Divine remembrance of love.

Other Known Uses for Sugilite

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Confidence
  • Remembering dreams/dreamwork
  • Brain health
  • Psychic gift enhancement
  • Emotional well-being
  • Cancer recovery support
  • Brings healing energy into the body
  • Helps dispel negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred
  • Chakra work
  • Balances energy
  • Forgiveness work
  • Aura support
  • Invites mystery and majesty and work with magic
  • Meditation tool
  • Tuning into spiritual technologies

Sugilite seems to work on a very individual level, helping to fine-tune each person with the authentic self, wishing to express by opening them to the experience of self-love. When deciding to work with Sugilite crystal, sit with the stone and allow your body/mind to align with its frequencies and speak to your intelligence and heart—what is wanted to be known for you. Automatic writing, as mentioned above, is an extremely effective way to receive the truths prepared for you within the depths of your own soul, set free through an encounter with Sugilite.