#Wellness Wednesday- Yoga For Life: Week 106


Wellness Wednesday Week 106: Supported Headstand


Improves balance.

Strengthens arms.

Is a great beginner pose for handstands.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Start on hands and knees. Bring head to ground and start to bring knees up off ground.

Hands are pressing evenly into ground for support.

Arms are both evenly bent.

Shoulders are pulling away from ears.

Neck is strong and evenly extended.

Heart is pressing outward.

Feet are up off ground and flexed.

Back is straight if possible.

Knees are bent.

Common Problems:

All of weight is being “dumped” into the neck.

Heart is not being pressed outward causing chest to cave in.


Feet can stay on ground.

Legs can be bent or straightened.

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