Scorpio Full Moon: The Phoenix Within You

Full Moon - Scorpio 9° 38’ – April 29, 2018

A Full Moon is a time to harvest the fruit of our efforts for this cycle. It’s a time to be illuminated on what we’ve created in our lives, what we want to keep, and what we need to change.

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are?  An astrologer would attribute your nature to the alignment of the planets and stars at the time you were born. A psychologist would most likely reference biology and our early upbringing and influence. Of course, it’s most likely both, along with the factors that continue to impact us on a daily basis.

When we are children, we are so greatly impressed by our surroundings that many people say we are little sponges, absorbing words, tones, facial expressions, and behaviors.  Our personality and psyche develop without our conscious awareness. As “innocents,” we accept what we see as normal and become imprinted with the life around us. The way that we are imprinted depends on our predisposition, as is set-up by the energetic play of the planets and stars at our birth place and time.

Full Moons Provide Clarity

This month’s Full Moon in Scorpio gives us an opportunity to see where we are still unconscious about where we have been patterned and programmed as young children and continue to act unconsciously. The behaviors that we don’t want to accept are called the “shadow sides” of our personalities. Your “shadow side” can show up in battles of the ego, lack of consideration for others, jealousy, suspicion, and misuse of psychic powers. If we want to release emotional pain, we must honestly accept and work with our shadow side. If we do, we can release the past and create ourselves anew.

A Full Moon always highlights tension between opposing forces

With the Sun in opposing Taurus, this Full Moon will present a moment to look at the kind of life that we see as harmonious and beautiful. How would our lives look if we imagined setting down roots in the perfect home, with love, kindness, compassion, and stability. The “Bull” has stamina and endurance to do the work he sets out to do. When he sets his heart on his target it is said that his eye becomes “single” and his focus is unwavering. It is the “bulls eye.”

Awareness of the Problem

The Sun and Moon are in a square aspect with the North and South Node. 

We all have areas of our lives that seem easy, comfortable, and familiar. When we stay in these areas we are less apt to try new things and grow. When we challenge ourselves by trying new experiences that may initially feel uncomfortable, we develop new talents and insights. These are the times of growth.

This Full Moon indicates that collectively we have found it easy to stay with the group’s philosophy (South Node). Instead, think about developing a stronger sense of your unique individuality (North Node). Ask how you can be all that you can by living from the heart and illuminating your life with a magical quality.

The Solution

Developing our character as an individual involves balancing both sets of oppositions. Our secret/unconscious nature (Scorpio) must be balanced with our determination to achieve what we truly want (Taurus). And our sense of individuality (Leo) must be balanced with who we are within society (Aquarius).

Taking responsibility for your life and being willing to review yourself honestly is the best first step when you want to make a change. By being your own authority figure and doing the hard work, maturity and wisdom will follow. (Sun trine Saturn, Moon sextile Saturn)

Change isn’t easy. It takes courage to let nothing stop you from putting yourself out there to achieve what you want. The old fears of inferiority can trigger worry and depression. (Black Moon Lilith conjunct Pluto conjunct Mars)

Knowing that we all have a deep inner strength that we can tap into is important. You must be willing to trust that it’s there for you to access. You have more power than you think you have. (Jupiter-R sextile Pluto-R)


The Phoenix represents the idea of death and rebirth—not a physical death per se, but a change in life that prompts one to begin living in a new way. This month’s Full Moon in Scorpio shows us what aspects of our unconscious nature we want to change.  The energies accompanying the Full Moon support us by revealing more of our shadow expressions so that we can accept and transmute them to create a life of more vibrancy and magnetism.