Vedic Astrology For Aug 26-Sep 1: Containing The Fire

Planetary Transits & Cosmic Interplay for the week of Aug 26 – Sep 1

If you’ve read my recent posts the last few weeks, then you may have noticed that it seems like I’m always talking about Mars.  That is because Mars has factored predominantly over the last six weeks during this recent eclipse period that we had and still is a hugely influential factor.  To summarize it, Mars was with Ketu (the south node of the Moon) in Aquarius during the recent eclipses where it was retrograde and then it even crossed back into Capricorn where it became conjunct Saturn.  So, there has been a huge Martial influence over this last month-and-a-half.

The Fire of Mars

It is very important to understand what Mars brings about because it is a very important planet—not just because of its predominance now, but at all times.  Mars is about how we initiate our energy and represents our will, strength, and courage.  These are all things that we need to create action.  I have covered this extensively in previous posts, but what I want to talk about now is Mars and fire.

Mars brings with it a sense of urgency and creates sudden movements and changes.  I live in northern California and during this time during the last six weeks we have had record-setting fires (which are still going on).  These fires have been explosive and spread so fast that they could not even be contained for periods of time.  Also, we have seen more volcanic eruptions happening in Hawaii with lava flows disrupting and displacing entire villages and towns.  The fire aspect is related to Mars whereas the eruptive aspect is related to Ketu as this combination represents unstable energy.  Also, anytime we have Rahu and Ketu together they tend to represent larger scale disasters.

Whereas this has been happening on a global scale, where we can see this Martial energy poking its head out in our personal lives is with conflicts that we may be having with individuals, or even internally, where we are trying to figure out how to make things work.  I have personally witnessed more conflicts erupting in people’s personal lives than normal in which they are uncertain of when this will get resolved, or even if it will.  This is similar to the catastrophic nature of the influence of Mars with Ketu as mentioned earlier.  The nodes of the Moon (Ketu and Rahu) both bring about a “cloud” of confusion and can seem like the events that are brought about by them are never going to reach conclusion.

The thing is, Mars likes conclusion.  Mars wants to just do something and let it go and move on to the next thing.  I can see in the conflicts that I am witnessing this energy of not being something that is easily resolved.  Often times in life, arguments get heated and tempers flare, but it typically clears up just as quickly as it came.  This is the sudden nature of Mars and the gist of its energy where something occurs where they need to take action or get defensive about but as soon as it passes, there is no attachment and they just move on the next thing in life like nothing happened at all.  Like a warrior who fights his enemies in battle one minute but is done fighting as soon as it stops.

A Shift towards Resolution

Well, thankfully, it looks like all of this energy is coming to a close over the coming weeks and resolution is on the horizon.  The worst will soon be behind us and the time to rebuild and replenish will be upon us.  We should start to reach a point where we’re no longer fighting fires that seem to have no end, both figuratively and literally, and look towards where to go next.  This doesn’t mean that the fires will just be over, but it’s like there will finally be containment.  On a personal level, this will be the time where the smoke will lift and we will be able to see either the other person’s perspective in a new light or we will be able to let go or just be able to start directing our energy in a new direction.  It will feel like the worst is over and now it is time to rebuild and move on.  Again, this doesn’t mean that one is out of the weeds just yet, but there will be a shift.  

This week is the start of this shift.  However, it will be a process that still has to play out some more.  The key to this shift is that a certain cloudy aspect of it will be lifting.  But this will not be the time where the conflict is behind us just yet.  In fact, it will still be a number of months (early November to be exact when Mars goes into Pisces and Ketu moves out of Aquarius and Rahu out of Leo) before it is in the rearview mirror. 

The key to this time is to pay attention to signs of progress and containment.  This is the time to really look at finding common ground in any ongoing conflicts.  This is the time to really look at why you’re fighting and the justification and grounds that you have for it and if it still holds true.  If it still holds true, then it’s about looking at if it’s worth putting your energy into it.  This can be the time where a truce is finally considered.  Then, it’ll just be a matter of getting both sides to come to an amiable agreement.  Whereas this may be a little ways away, it’s time to start redirecting our energy and take a step back and assess whether our energy can be spent in a more positive direction.  A tall glass of humility with a sprinkling of compassion can be just what the doctor ordered.