Healing Stones: Inner Child & Heart Healing With Rhodochrosite

What is a Soul Retrieval? This question was posed to a recent Meetup group I attended while we sat around round tables eating delicious raw food cuisine. I offered my perspective of Soul Retrieval in relation to the work I have been doing over the past few years using The Emotion Code, a technique developed through Dr. Bradley Nelson to detect and release trapped emotions. One in need of a Soul Retrieval (which is pretty much all of us) in my opinion, would have, at some point in their life, lost or left behind an aspect of the self due to a specific event, usually a trauma, which disrupted the “normal” flow and connection of life and love.

Rhodochrosite is a pink and white swirly or blotchy crystal, manifesting in various shades of pink from light to dark which can include blacks. This stone assists one in accessing the child-self, which is the aspect of us which may have been traumatized at some point in our youth. With the help of this stone the innocent self is brought forward and wounds which may have been sustained during childhood are brought to the surface for healing. Rhodochrosite helps to soothe and piece back together the past. In this way, it acts as a gentle, yet thorough soul-retrieval tool.

How Do You Use Rhodochrosite?

Sit quietly with a piece of Rhodochrosite crystal in your hands. Close your eyes and concentrate on the stone. Feel its weight and shape, tune into its energy and the frequency it is emitting. A simple way of doing this is to become aware of the thoughts and feelings you are having, as they will be inevitably tied to the crystal’s vibration. What memories come to mind? How do you feel about your childhood? How heard is your child self?

Take the time to listen to the messages arriving in your heart and mind. Be with them. Sit for as long as necessary to get into the field of energy being created by choosing to intentionally work with Rhodochrosite. Call back in any lost or fractured parts of the self. Ask the crystal alley to assist you. Sit with the Soul Retrieval in progress and become aware that this process may continue long beyond your session with Rhodochrosite. This time with the stone has activated the intention and now you get to watch how life responds. This is the fun and magical part of working with crystals. Observe how this reunion with your child-self will now play out in real-time. Be aware.

What to Expect from Rhodochrosite

After sitting with Rhodochrosite, especially consciously and intentionally, be prepared to feel a bit nostalgic. Get ready for old memories to surface and for your feelings to feel what they perhaps have not felt in many years. Find a safe and quiet space to allow the process. Nature is an extremely beneficial place to be during your work with this stone. Being around running water, placing your feet in the soil or mud, and touching or climbing trees will assist you in reconnecting with your natural, innocent self.

You may feel extra tired or emotional during this process. I highly recommend allowing yourself to cry or to get angry, if needed, in a safe space where no one will get hurt. Honor the thoughts and feelings which arise and allow yourself to retrieve any lost sense of joy, freedom, self-confidence, love, or safety. Continually affirm your desire to be whole while you carry the crystal with you on your journey. I like to make a small medicine pouch with the stones I am working with and any small items nature sends my way during the time I am working with them. This reminds me, when life throws me crazy adventures, that my intention is at work and that I can trust the process.

Rhodochrosite crystal is the stone of compassion for self. It vibrates with the heart and high heart chakras to inspire self-love and forgiveness. It is also extremely potent and helpful in clearing out the solar plexus chakra so as to assist us in integrating our shadow side and the painful experiences of the past. It brings harmony to our body fields and allows the past to meet the future in the present moment with peace and understanding.

In the Body

Physically, Rhodochrosite is absolutely brilliantly helpful in healing the organ of the heart; it helps to regulate the heartbeat and balance blood pressure. Because the heart is such the central hub of health and wellness in the body, Rhodochrosite, by assisting the heart, also helps to balance and strengthen the thyroid, immune functions, and circulatory system. Sitting with a Rhodochrosite during a bad headache can help alleviate it and laying stones over closed eyes can improve the eyesight.

Changing Negative into Positive

Maybe you know someone who cannot stop with the negative talk. All they do is bring awareness to what is not working out or the down-side of a situation. Rhodochrosite is a perfect gift for these people. It can help change the energy from low to high or at least help to shed light on the positive, happy side of things. It isn’t that the “low” vibes are not valid or true. Feeling the lows is just as important as feeling the highs, however, some folks can get stuck in the rut of never seeing the good and this is where Rhodochrosite comes in.

The ability to work with and inspire love and passion is one of the gifts of Rhodochrosite. It takes the energy into the realm of what is possible, what is magical—what is of the heart, innocent, and true. This is why this stone is also known as the love stone. Keeping a crystal near your heart can help attract the kind of vibration which leads to love and happiness.

Choosing to work with Rhodochrosite crystal is an act of self-love and an intention for healing. There has never been a more important nor a more potent time as now to address the lost pieces of the self and to call them back. This stone is the perfect medicine and opportunity to heal and fall back in love with the you that you came on Earth to be.